The drought continues to burn the local community

Lake of Demons – Even occasional thunderstorms did not destroy the entire district of Central North Dakota.

Of course, drought is not new to the region, nor is it strange. The current drought, however, has left a lasting impression on sick eyes. Even counting numbers can explain that. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), July 2021 was the driest month of Ramsey’s 0.83-inch rainfall since 1895 and 1985 (0.33 ”).

But not just July. Over the past 12 months (August 2020-July 2021), Ramsey County has received only 9.14 ”of rain, according to Noah.

Scott Knock’s experience as an extension agent for Benson County was extensive. Fast forward to the venue at the age of 29 (August 17), Knock did everything and everything. From engaging in horticulture, asking questions about crop systems, to researching integrated pest management at North Dakota State University, to the occasional control of rats or snakes, Nok has done everything.

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