The Dubai Center offers a gardening course for dedicated people

Vocational training course teaches students to grow fruits and vegetables, gather information, harvest, bill and pack in the yard.

The Center for Adults with Special Needs in Dubai has launched a comprehensive vocational training program in horticulture to promote healthy eating and professional skills among committed people.

Special Needs Future Development Center (SNF) has partnered with the UAE-based organic routes to provide constructive microwaves to the UAE community, as well as to create entrepreneurial skills for people with intellectual disabilities.

Up to 10 students from the center will take part in a horticultural vocational training course that will teach you how to grow fruits and vegetables, take information, harvest, bill and pack in the yard.

Safiya Barry, Director of the Center, said: “The positive approach of the SNF management and the special needs parent community has given us the confidence to continue our dream project of building a sustainable and inclusive work environment. P.D. This course will be hands-on training at the SNF center, where microwaves will be installed in a temperature-controlled environment with the help of UV light.

“SNF and its students have embarked on a journey to promote healthy nutrition through this program. We aim to develop the skills of our gardeners with special needs by increasing their ability to take this as a career / business model. ”

“To ensure quality assurance, we have developed automated systems that reduce the number of handicrafts from staff in the greenhouse and improve the quality and consistency of the green for our customers. Innovative control systems that stimulate up-to-date reporting, as well as greenhouse safety standards, provide the right medical environment for ODCs, which is truly the bottom line for organic roots. ”

According to her, the lesson also applies to P.D. “The general purpose of gardening is to improve one’s physical and mental well-being, to provide what we need to do, and to provide useful skills that we can use in our work,” he said.

During the course, Barry said, candidates will be given certificates such as ASDAN modules (programs and qualifications for students with special educational needs and disabilities).

The center has special educators and medical professionals, including vocational training, daily living skills and social skills staff who are involved in training students. “The staff is trained by individuals who are experts in the development of microgreens in the greenhouse,” he said.

The SNF Center, which incorporates individualized learning programs and vocational training, is now open for 2021-22. Other services provided by the center, a center for young people with special needs in Dubai, include vocational and computer training, speech therapy, physiotherapy, job placement, extracurricular activities and ASDAN certification.

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