The Eagle Scout project creates a garden path

Volunteers load 40 pounds of stone and gravel for a new garden path at the Sage Honda Eagle Scout Project at the Vine Conference UCC. Front, Trope 25 Scouts Joshua Stock (left) and Wise Honda. Back (left) Sean Vandrovich, Eli Kramer, Anthony Lassie (with broom), Brian Kramer and Sandra Stock.

Court photo by Solana Hunda

More for Neighbor by Linda Stephen

On August 14, Boy Scout wise Honda and 20 volunteers moved 5,000 pounds of stones, sand, gravel and bricks to Vine Congregational United Church of Christ 1800 1800 Twin Ridge Road.

The goal of the Eagle Scout project was to expand the church’s pollen gardens and connect the gardens to a memorial tree and bench. Volunteers included Boy Scout Troop 25 and Honda friends and family leaders.

During the summer, Honda worked with Jenny Reese, Anica Brown, and other members of the Vine Church Ecology Network to determine the road, materials, budget, and more.

The Eagle Scout Conservation Project was donated to the Vin Convention UCC (Pollen Garden) and included more than 40 people and 800 hours of volunteer planning and labor over a three-month period.

A.D. In 2019, when I got a scout for my life, I helped Vin Church build its first pollen garden – bees, butterflies and moths, flowers and plants. ” “I love the idea of ​​making the eagle scout project, the flower garden, the community, the church members and the visitors a delight for years to come. Thanks to everyone who helped me. ”


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