The Edinburgh and Oxford Show will be back for the August Bank holiday weekend

Thailand’s Pony Grand National (Image from previous event)

Online Tickets Now for the upcoming banking festival at the Edinburgh and Oxford Agricultural Fair on Sunday, August 29 and Monday, August 30. The show will take place at the Arden Show near Blinley Heights in Surrey.

The organizers worked day and night to organize an all-inclusive event. Young boats sail through the Pony Grand National of Shetland and enjoy their majestic water buffalo pond. Livestock ranges from poultry to pigs, sheep and cattle.

A fast-paced MAD mountaineering team has returned to the arena, and these fearless riders are considered the best in Europe, bringing a great octopus into the procession.

MAD Mountain Bike Showcase Team

Country skills, sports, handicrafts, ancient vehicles and rural traditions will continue to be at the heart of the show, the Southeast Gundogos team is back in action, dog skills and competitions, blacksmiths, farmers and dogs. Green-finger gardeners and creative florists show off their skills in gardening tents.

From the beginner to the expert level, the cavalry team returns more than ever with a crowded program featuring favorite rides, chariot rides, and spectacular races for horse and donkey classes.

More than 200 shopping malls are open to visitors, and local artisans are all ready to make sure no one is hungry or thirsty.

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A lot of thought and preparation went to make the event as safe as possible, and things seemed small and felt. The venue has been redesigned to reduce congestion and improve the experience for competitors and visitors. Marcus removes the sides as much as possible and helps volunteers manage numbers inside.

Gob itors are asked to bring and wear masks while on the ship to protect themselves and those who work in these areas. There are hand-washing and sanitary pads, and extra seating for relaxation without feeling overwhelmed.

People with CV-19 signs should not be present at the show, and contact details for NHS testing and follow-up purposes are being taken at all ticket bookings. Ticket numbers are limited, and organizers are urged to buy ahead of time to avoid frustration. Tickets are still guaranteed at the door.

Chairman and farmer Louise Young, for his part, said: Many of our volunteers, local businesses, businesses, competitors and, of course, visitors, worked hard to recapture the event this year. Thank you so much for all your continued support.

The public can confidently buy tickets as we have a well-organized and well-established event that puts security first. As a group, I am very proud of the fact that we have come up with plans to address this. Year, stronger than ever.

“I know how many people are eagerly awaiting the return of events like the Edinburgh and Oxford Show. It was a long time, and it would be a wonderful opportunity to meet old friends again. We can’t wait to receive everyone. “

The show takes place every year on August Sunday and Monday, August 29 and 30, in Ardenen, Suri, near Blinley Heath. RH7 6LL

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