The Emsworth Show is back – and ready to provide a day of entertainment for families

Pat Carter with her award-winning garden box at the 2018 Emworth Show

The show is back for 2021, and plans are well underway. Information from the Events Industry Forum is a precautionary measure for the safety of exhibitors, judges, visitors, volunteers and hosts. Provide a safe place for everyone.

The entertainment will be held at the New Life Church grounds, Torney Avenue, Po 10: 8 BN, and the playground is open from 10.30am to 5pm.

As always, the traditional garden will feature spectacular fruits, vegetables, flowers, as well as handicrafts, indoor and outdoor photo exhibitions. There are so many classrooms for all age groups and skills that cover horticulture, bakery, arts and crafts and photography.

For the new 2021, it is a “Scarcoro” competition in which children from Emwsworth are challenged to use recycled materials in gardening-based threats and display them outside their homes.

In the arena, there will be a well-supported dog show with great lessons such as “The Dog with a Pig’s Tail”, many popular entertainment venues will return, including the famous Quak Park from Wales and their sheep movement around the arena. Around the warehouses, there will be a fun puppet show for children, a poultry show and the Emwsworth Community Marcus will be delighted to showcase their products and services to local organizations. Visit our flexible tent and learn how to handle tarantulas for interactive and hands-on training. Most regular caregivers have had a difficult 12 months, so they hope you come and grow.

In the food and beverage area, there will be plenty of drinks for visitors to sample, from cream tea to Indian delicacies.

This year, for the first time, there is talk of dewia, support and services in the local community, and be prepared to support those with disabilities and caregivers while participating in the show.

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