The Emwsworth show is back this month and promises to be a ‘fun and exciting’ event

The annual Summer Festival will be held on Monday, August 30, featuring dog shows, food and drink fields, and traditional horticultural heritages, fruits, vegetables and flowers, as well as handicrafts and photo exhibitions.

For 2021, it is a scary competition for new Emwswor children to use recycled materials in a garden-based threat and show them outside their home before the August 25 verdict.

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Previous Emwsworth show.

Faith Pansenby, Chairman and Volunteer General Manager, said: “For me, the return of this show will be a great joy, this year, after seeing so many of my friends in person after so many locks.

‘I look forward to seeing them all there.’

“It’s great to be back in the 2021 show after 17 months of challenge,” said Helen Colis-Ayubi, advertising director for the show.

We are very grateful to the New Life Christian Church for welcoming us back to their vast area for the second year in a row.

As always, the star of the show is a gardener with more than 250 rooms, and this year, for the first time this year, we are hosting an exciting competition for local children to come in and show their fears.

There are times when children are still involved.

Many visitors come back year after year to see popular dog shows and family activities, such as dog shows and cook parks. Entertainment and drinks throughout the day.

We are committed to making this a fun and cozy event for all and we have put in place special measures, including early bird tickets and advanced times, including entrance, face masks, social distance, cleanliness in all areas, and a solid track and tracking system. .

‘This’ South’ Best Little Show ‘If there were more than 150 volunteers to help make this a fun and exciting event for everyone, this show would not be possible without this amazing show!’

Message from Editor Mark Waldron

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