The Farm School Open is scheduled for Sept. 13 at the Arkansas Farms and Food Center

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Arkansas Farm and Food Center New Program Agricultural School students and staff will be available on 4 February at Caff Farm, 1005 May, Sept. 13, open from 4: 30-6: 30 p.m. More information on the School of Agriculture, which will begin in January 2022.

The Arkansas Agricultural and Food School Center will host an open school for the 2022 Agricultural School Program Monday, September 13 from 4: 30-6: 30 p.m.

Caff is a service center of the Arkansas Agricultural Testing Station, part of the US Department of Agriculture. Heather Frederich, Assistant Director of CAFF, Department of Vegetation Development, said it supports local food entrepreneurs and promotes small-scale farming through experience.

“Next year, our open house is a great opportunity for anyone interested in going to agricultural school,” says Frederick. “This event is an opportunity for potential applicants to learn about how and where we grow, the methods we use, and to introduce the team to the teachers.

Sept. 13 Open House at the Agricultural Research and Extension Center, Mil5 J. Meult Ave. , In Fayetteville. Participants will meet with the CAF team and current agricultural school students for public question and answer opportunities and one-on-one discussions, Frederick said. He also visits the farm and facilities.

The CAFF team includes Frederick. Wayne McKay, head of the horticulture department; Jonathan McArthur, field instructor and farm manager; And Banda Anderson, business teacher.

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Frederick said the agricultural school will provide valuable training to future farmers. The average age of farmers in Arkansas is 57 years, and it is estimated that over the next 20 years, 70 percent of American farmland will change.

Andy Kate White, 22, is one of the first students to start small farms and provide nutritious food in an area where there is no shortage of nutritious food.

“My further research has shown me how important nutrition is and how it is not accessible to certain segments of society,” White said. My hope is to provide nutritious food to all sections of society.

The 11-month agricultural education program focuses on the cultivation of special crops and will begin on January 24 at the Millo J. Schultz Agricultural Research and Extension Center.

The US Department of Agriculture defines a specific crop as “fruits and vegetables, fruit trees, dried fruits, vegetables and seedlings (including flower farming).” Qualified plants must be cultivated or used for food, medical purposes, and / or beauty satisfaction in order to be considered special crops.

Visit for more information on agricultural school. The deadline for applying to the Agricultural School for 2022 is October 1.

To learn more about agricultural research, visit the Arkansas Agricultural Experiment site Follow us on Twitter at @ArkAgResearch And Instagram at @ArkAgResearch.

About the Department of Agriculture – The mission of the University of Arkansas is to strengthen agriculture, communities, and families by linking reliable research to the adoption of best practices. Through the Agricultural Testing Station and the Cooperative Extension Service, the agricultural unit conducts research and extension work in the country’s historic land grant education system.

The Department of Agriculture is one of 20 entities at Arkansas University. It has offices in all 75 counties in Arkansas and a faculty on five system campuses.

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