The fight against pest infestation in tapioca is being addressed by Namacal farmers.

Express News Service

Although paracetamol was imported to control the Maybog pest attack on tapioca, Namakal Fate was delayed due to lack of laboratory facilities for reproduction in the state.

The Bengali-based National Insect Bureau (NBAIR) imported parasites from Benin, West Africa. However, according to K. Ganesana, Deputy Director of Horticulture, there are not enough laboratories to duplicate it.

In Tamil Nadu, Tapiyoka covers more than 60,000 hectares in Namakal, Salem, Irode, Darmashi and Kalakurichi districts. It grows on 20,000 hectares of land in Namakal. More recently, farmers have been struggling to control the Maylibog invasion. According to the Department of Horticulture, more than 5,000 hectares have been damaged in Namal. Although the NBAIR is replicating parasites in the research center, it has not yet been introduced on farmland.

Namakkal Horticulture Deputy Director K Ganessan told TENE: “The impact of natural enemies on infectious worms cannot be far-reaching for farmers. So the research center is engaged in driving. In particular, it does not lay eggs in bulk. It lays one egg at a time. Therefore, it is not possible to experiment on the field.

He said the Horticulture Department does not have a laboratory service and could be set up at Krishna Vegian Kendra (KVK) or the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU). After the completion of the training program, the reality of the land, which will determine the next steps, will be disclosed to the regional government, he said.


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