The first book weeds out the forgotten gardening history.

“A Special Place in the East Lottery” for thousands of years.

Judy Riley spent two years exploring the history of Tinnham, watching not only the magnificent landscapes but also the lives of those who lived there or were in touch with them. We look forward to Jack Nicklas, the greatest golfer ever.

Judy, who has lived in East Lotti for 40 years, says: “I have found everything I have ever known.

“The fruits and vegetables here and the old garden and those of gardeners in the early 18th century who were able to grow honey and coke and all kinds of fruits, especially those that are not difficult to grow outdoors.

“They were really growing in a fenced garden and I found a lot about fruits and vegetables, early fruits and vegetables.”

Landscape and Life in Tingham is the first book by Judy to be written by a Spanish teacher in Ireland.

However, she changed her career path and completed her postgraduate degree in landscape architecture.

When she entered one of the properties at Tingham House 15 years ago, she learned not only about the building but also about the history of the surrounding area.

She says: “I have lived here for some years and I know the history of the garden.

“Here in the garden is a statue dedicated to the 6th Hadington Earl and his wife, Helen.

“You can take this as a starting point and Earl wrote a book published during the 17th century when trees were growing.

“His wife is in the book and he considers his wife to have planted trees.”

Judy Helen, a granddaughter of two, felt that Helen’s role was low and described her as a “great Scottish gardener.”

Helen, who is in her early 20’s, seems to have no training in landscape gardening, but that has not changed.

Judy says: “I was always interested in gardening and began to search in the library for stories about how Helen was capable and why.

She was an excellent Scottish gardener or her own landscape designer.

“She deserves more thanks.”


Instead, Tingham House was sold and rented out apartments, but that’s winner of 117 races and 18 major championships was Nicolas, who looked after the golf course after visiting the golf course.

Landscaping and Life in Tinghamham was published earlier this month, with Judy signing copies of the book at Kesley’s in Haddington, Saturday morning where the book will be sold, and at the nearby night owl in East Linton.

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