The first purpose of Gardenpalooza is to celebrate gardening in Springfield.

Springfield Community Parks will host a community gardening event on Saturday, June 4.

Springfield is home to 16 community backyards run by volunteers with the support of the Springfield Community Gardens.

Anna Weris, manager of Springfield Community Paradise, Farmer and Wealth Development

Anna Weris, a non-profit farmer and resource development manager, also owns three farms that employ farming trainees. “Those are managed by paid workers,” she said.

“So gradually, people are learning how to farm,” Weather said.

The food produced on the farm incubator site is provided to the community. CoxHealth, owned by Amanda Bele Farm, offers one of its products to hospital staff.

The Springfield Community Paradise was founded by Male Auterson as part of a graduation project, Withers said. He focused on areas where there was little access to healthy food, and the nonprofit started out in a garden near Grant Beach Park.

The gardens currently in use are varied β€” some are very small and others are large enough to accommodate a garden.

But Withers said it will provide benefits to all involved.

β€œIt’s a place where you learn how to cook on your own, which creates a wonderful sense of self-confidence,” she says. “It helps people save money, because you know, you have the ability to get food all season. We are farmers four times, so you know, we help people try to do that.”

Researchers have found that exposure to fresh air increases the risk of serotonin levels.

Springfield Community Parks A 4H club focused on gardening and horseback riding. The club is open to children between the ages of seven and 12.

The nonprofit is supported by US Department of Agriculture subsidies, private foundations, and individual donations, says Reuters.

Gardenpalooza will be used this Saturday as an educational event and fundraiser. Admission is free, but attendees can purchase “Garden Gold”, which can be served with food and drinks, raffles and photos.

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