The FLCC offers cannabis courses for the Vegetable and Fruit Program

HOPELEL, New York – In March last year, New York officially legalized cannabis for recreational use, and the Fingerprints Community College College was ahead of the student in offering three courses on plants.

As part of the college’s signature horticulture program, the three courses offered in early 2019 will focus on real cannabis plant history and use, according to the current regulatory and legal climate and marijuana development program.

According to Berna Tikonchuk, a technical expert with the College’s Environment and Garden Development Department, the college, which serves as the program’s program coordinator, has begun to develop applications for the three courses.

“It really started with a student interest. “Students were asking about the growth and development of cannabis,” said Tikonchuk, a Protestant. Finally, it was decided to include cannabis courses in the gardening program.

“After all the systems are gone, we have developed the classrooms,” Tikonchuk added. Student demand continues to be high.

“He is strong. “Strictly, I mean about 50% of our population in the gardening program for cannabis,” she said. Of the 32 students enrolled in the Gardening Program in 2020, the Cannabis Track Program.

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