The flower garden shows the family business

If you don’t think gardening is a family activity, check out some of the “Best Show” winners at the Washington City and Country Fair Friday.

Colin Simmons, 10, and his grandson, Pyton Simon, were among the winners. In the parable, Colin made the best choice of judges, and Payton was the best performer in the youth category in orchards, samples, and fairy tales.

Contestants were judged in several categories, including fruits, vegetables, houseplants, and flowers.

The Simons live on a family farm near the union.

“She has been gardening with me since she was a child,” says Colin Simmons.

Colin Simons encourages families to participate in activities such as the Children’s 4-H Club and Payton Simons.

But you do not need a farm to engage in gardening. “Start small and then grow,” says Colin Simmons. “Just dig it out.”

Another family that took home many prizes was Clover’s base. Mother Christina Unerstall received the first runner in the terrarium, and daughter Maggie Untersal won the first runner-up in Jumbo Fruit and Vegetation as well as in the Youth Fruit and Vegetable Garden.

“My parents did it with me,” says Christina Unity. I do it with my children from the moment they get to walk.

Christina Unerstall advises people to spend their time gardening and not get upset. “Sometimes they don’t go your way,” she says.

There were 299 entries in this year’s fruit and vegetable development show. A.D. During the 39th annual event, which was canceled due to the CVD-19 epidemic in 2020, flower arrangements were damaged by heat, said co-chairman Dave Wememeyer.

“This year’s crop was very good,” he said. We got a very good vegetable.

Wemmeyer has spent the year enjoying some of his regular rides and games after missing some regular races. I’m sure it will happen again next year.

Gardeners from the Washington Garden Club and the Franklin County Master Garden will assist with the event.

Art winters performed well for Zinia, as well as for the first runner-up. He spends his time in the garden on the Brick Inn bed and breakfast on Third Street, where he grew up with a 10-foot tomato tree.

“He just got up,” he said. “He likes the heat in the house. People go by and say, “Wow.” He smiles in front of people. ”

Vegetable Production Show: Fruit / Vegetable, Caroline Camper; Big Tomato, Mark Brunei; Unusual, Jessica Stern; Challenge class, John Meyer; Jumbo Fruit / Vegetable, Maggie Unerstall; Fruit / Vegetable Preparation, John Meyer; Junior Fruit / Vegetable, Payton Simons; Sunflower, Briana Winfrey.

Indoor Plant Show – Rosalin Ursley.

Sample Display: Flower Sections 1-32, Chayen Wemmer; Election of judges, Colin Simmons; Leaf, Yassin Taylor; Collection, Dave Wemmer; Assignment, Patty Winfrey; Zenia, winters of wisdom; Junior Team, Jesse Taylor; Junior Sample, Payton Simons; Junior houseplant, Ragan Perman.

Open Division – Events, Roxy Riesley; Fairy tale garden, Roxy Riley; terrarium, Kylee Perriman.

Junior Division – Fairy Garden, Payton Simons; terrarium, Emma Unerstall; Events, Mia Road.


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