The Food Education Initiative, which included Jamie Oliver, was launched by the Prince Foundation

The Food for Future program, in partnership with Jamie Oliver, Jimmy Doherti and Soil Association, will be piloted at the Dumphris House headquarters in East Arshire.

It includes 48 students from four participating high schools – with the goal of making it stand out nationally.

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Throughout the school year, students will have the opportunity to learn from experts in agriculture and cooking, including farming and Oliver.

President of the HRH Prince Foundation, Rotshai Mesfin, attended the graduation ceremony. Picture: Guy Hinks

Students will take part in hand-held fruit and vegetable farming activities, including the opportunity to explore industry insights and the internal workings of factories and meet other species of wildlife.

The program is part of the Foundation’s extensive culinary initiative.

Restricting food waste plays an important role in reducing household carbon emissions. About 70 percent of all food waste in the UK comes from home.

Food for Fortune is funded by players from ScienceBerry, Richmond and Public Post Code lotteries. The program is also supported by mayonnaise manufacturer Helmanman.

Jacqueline Farrell, director of education at the Prince Foundation at Dumfury House, said, “Sustainability and nature-based education is a common thread in all of the Foundation’s educational programs.

“We hope to inspire young people to think about food and waste in a completely different way.

“Once we put them into practice and science in the field of food production from the ground up, we challenge them to come up with their own sustainable solutions before we can provide the necessary support to become a food waste champion at home and in their communities.”

“Understanding where food comes from, how it grows, and the impact it has on communities and the planet is important to better understand how our food choices can have a positive impact on the planet,” said Oliver, a celebrity and restaurant owner. .

Combining food education and sustainability is truly unique to this program, and I have developed a series of recipes, tips, and tricks to show children how their food can go better to limit food waste at home. Not only is it good for the planet, but it is also good for your wallet.

Community Food Centers and Program Facilitation Soil Association Project Manager Sarah Gowanlock said, “We have completed a six-month research project on community food centers that demonstrates a clear potential for greater participation and access to schools. Towards a healthy and sustainable diet as well as developing cooking and growing skills in the local community.

“As a result, we are pleased to continue to support the Prince Foundation’s Food Future Program by continuing its food production partnership.

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