The former Three County Chief received the Oklahoma CareerTech High Prize

Tyn County Tech retired Superintendent and General Manager Lindel Fields is the 2021 Oklahoma CareerTech Most Valuable, Francis Tuttle Professional Award.

He received the award during a partnership between the Oklahoma Summit, the Oklahoma Department of Vocational Education and Technology, and the Oklahoma Vocational Education and Technology Association.

The former Oklahoma CareerTech State Director and the Oklahoma CareerTech System Architect, the Francis Tutl Award is given to a person who has made significant contributions at the state and national level.

The fields are also known for their commitment to professional development.

After more than 20 years in Stry County, Fields retired on June 30.

Dedicated to the CareerTech system for nearly 30 years, he began teaching in 1991. He taught inmates at the CareerTech’s Skills Center program the fruits and vegetables and life skills that helped them move out of prison after their release.

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