“The fruit and vegetable revolution will take India to the next level of development.”

New Delhi, August 13 (IANS) As India enters its 75th year of independence, the focus is once again on the vast potential of transforming the country’s growth engines.

Manish Bandish, Managing Director, Mother’s Milk and Vegetable PLC, rich agronomic conditions and a variety of fruits and vegetables have great potential to add value to the lives of farmers and consumers.

“We have great potential for productivity in the horticulture sector, and we need more coordinated efforts to explore the same and build self-confidence in this sector,” Bandish said.

“Our country has a rich and diverse lineage. Proof of this is the horticultural sector in our country, ”he said.

Therefore, in order to get the real benefit of the land, it is necessary to focus on agricultural practices, better technology, proper infrastructure and extension of marketing practices, he said.

Increasing the productivity of the country’s vegetable production will also help us increase exports, create new employment opportunities and provide better food security for the local people, thus fully contributing to the country’s economic activities.

“The need for the clock is to create a sustainable ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders and in one way or another,” he said.

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