The Funeral Home will host 150 spectacular performances this week

The 150th Exhibition Exhibition opens with cars, games, entertainment, contests and shows on Monday, August 9th. The exhibition will run until August 14.

Lolly Lesher, vice president of the Kuzta Fair Association, said volunteers have worked for more than two years to plan this year’s fair.

“We are celebrating our old family happiness. He said it was a time when we had known about the heritage of local volunteers for 150 years and had come together to promote our large farming community and our plentiful food.

This year’s show includes Pork Roast Wednesday and Friday, New Farmer One Day Tent, Old Food, Dank Tank, Fair Fair, and New Children’s Day activities starting at 2pm on Saturday.

Watch as many as 1,000 cattle, goats, sheep and pigs compete for the Grand Prix during the week and see the Ninja experience on the midway test their strength and efficiency on a course of action. Midway is also packed with nightlife, cars, games and food on the main stage.

There is plenty to see and do in the Custodian plains, demonstrations and activities include weaving and shaving sheep, tractor trailer and grass ballet racing.

One of the highlights of the opening night was the famous stumbling block in which participants led a cow in a stumbling block. Participants in the Kuttan Area High School Barry Flickr, the State Fair Queen Adisen Nef, the Mayor of Kutta, Jim Shiglell, the Troop 101 Boy Scout leader Keith Lichtenwalner and Republican Gary Day won the grand prize.

Marking a critical chapter

To mark the 150th anniversary of the exhibition, the Justice Association, like the Pride Boy Scout Group 101, held a grand opening ceremony at the main stage.

A.D. At the 2021 State of Pennsylvania Exhibition, Queen Adis Neff wished Elizabeth Town a great week at the Expo.

“I can see the pride in your community and your joy in agriculture and the young people growing up in 4-H and FFA programs,” said Nef.

The mayor of Kutta, Jim Shiglel, issued a proclamation on August on behalf of the Boro Council, known as the Quot Town Justice Association Month.

“The District recognizes the strong history and heritage of the Justice Association,” the proclamation states. “The Fair Society promotes and represents the fabric of our community and will continue to serve Kuttan and the larger community.

The proclamation praises the Kuttan Exhibition, known as the “Littleest Exhibition in the State,” during its 150th anniversary.

Shigel grew up in a slum, and he spent a lot of time in the exhibition. His first memory was in 1953. When his father gave him $ 3, he and his brothers had a good time at the fair.

Representative Gary Day on behalf of the House of Representatives quotes, “The Fair Fellowship is celebrating a great opportunity. . The festival and its exhibition are well-known throughout the state and throughout Pennsylvania.

Although he could not attend the meeting, he was quoted by Senators David Argal and Senator Judy Schwartz as saying, Over the years, those in leadership positions, as well as volunteers, have made a significant contribution to its growth and development.

Berks County Commissioner Michael Rivera, who presented the certificate on behalf of the commissioners, said the 150th anniversary of the Kutzta Exhibition is a great opportunity to promote agriculture as the number one industry in Burke County.

“Agriculture is a very important part of Berks County,” he said. I would like to thank the agricultural community and the people of Berkeley for their commitment (organizers and volunteers).

Fred Stratemeier, deputy secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, paid tribute to the many volunteers who attended the Kuttan Exhibition year after year.

“150 years later and you are still doing it,” he said. “Everyone comes from a real community.”

150 Years of Exhibition Exhibition

Brendan Straser, a historian of the Kutzta area, described the history of the exhibition.

“Stutter Exhibition first dates back to 1870 and then back. In the early 1810s, 1820s, you would probably have a good time by assembling every year, raising a few beers, displaying a few weapons on targets, occasionally pointing at each other.

These events became known as battalion days and became very large in the 1820s and 1830s.

During the civil war, the city council had to remain in a state of turmoil until it was decided that they should stop. There was a lot of unrest and the city council finally blocked these battalion days, ”Straser said.

These events brought large crowds into the city, and people from one end of the country to the other went on a pilgrimage each year for a few days each year. Although battalion days were banned, people were present anyway.

A.D. In 1871, the Excavation Exhibition was organized by the Cultton Agricultural and Horticultural Association. The first performances took place on the streets of Kutzta, between Hutkok and Bucket Streets. The first playgrounds include exhibition buildings, a three-mile horse race track, and a nearby hotel.

“This show has really inspired hundreds of thousands of people to come to the city every year,” he said.

Due to the small size of the platform, the association was looking for more land but did not have a supportive membership. He said the exhibition was completed in 1903 and the lands were sold for lottery.

“The city,

In 1905, Jacob Ezer was the founder and founder of the Coalition for Justice. When the city was founded in 1850, Ezer was known to most of the people of Kutzia because of its surroundings. Jacob was the third-generation owner and editor of the Kututan Patriots and the publishing company.

The equity firm quickly sold its shares and secured 32 quintals of land, which is the current location of the Kutuan plains. Later, an additional 20 acres were added.

“From 1905 to the present, we have been performing almost every year.

The Historical Society has a collection of photographs of midway, horse racing, and other events throughout the history of the festival. Fair Travelers can see the historic display in Building 9. Wednesday, August 11, at 6:30 p.m.

The 150th Annual Exhibition will run until August 14. Gates is $ 10 daily at 4 p.m. and Children’s Saturday at 2 p.m., but consider saving for family special and pre-purchase purchases. For any questions, visit the Justice website at or call the Office of Justice at 610-683-7696 and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates and more details.


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