The Garden Center merges with Central South Carolina Habitat for Humanity

The Lexington Garden and Vegetable Center Wingard Market is partnering with Central South Carolina Habitat for Humanity to add home touch to up to six new Midlands homes.

Wingard Market is donating plants, flowers and landscapes to new homes built this year by a non-profit organization, including those expected to be completed this month.

“We have always been impressed by the hard work and dedication of these new homeowners,” said Wally Steinhauzer, co-owner of the property. “Not every plant grows in every type of soil, so it’s important to find the right plant that looks great. We care for this community and we want these homeowners to have fun when they walk in the door.”

In 36 years of serving the Midlands, Central South Carolina has helped more than 270 households become homeowners. Workers, volunteers, and community partners build six homes each year.

“We are very excited about our new partnership with Wingard Market,” said Emily Fernand, the company’s home services manager. Individuals and families who have completed the Central South Carolina Resources Humanitarian Program have organized more than 300 hours of sweat equity, home market workshops and financial planning. For them, not only did their dream of home ownership come true, but the beautiful landscape they always dreamed of, such as Wingard, made it even more special.

Wingard Market In 2015, today’s Garden Center Magazine was named one of the Revolutionary 100 Garden Centers and the 2017 Garden Center Magazine’s Top 100 Garden Centers.

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