The Garden Club will hold a meeting with the program in September at Jane Price

Members of the Urban and Rural Garden Club met for the first harvest season on September 7, 2021 at Miller Library Building. Carla Finley and Caroline Skeleton served as guests for 25 members and three guests.

President Jane Price called for a meeting. The first business order was to present the books of the year for 2021-2022 by Caroline Skeleton Chair of the Year. The theme of the year’s Urban and Rural Garden Club was: “Introducing Pollen Bees Happy!” President Price then recognized Angela Lewis, the district’s eighth director, who was an important guest at the meeting. Angela gave a brief account of some events in the district. Jane received a number of new members for the club the following year. Joy Skletton reported the treasury, and it was confirmed that it had been emailed minutes from the May meeting. Caroline Cole then presented a monthly horticultural sample and Doris Haynes gave her monthly garden advice. His artistic design was revealed through his shields. Following these exhibitions, Nan Markland reports on the condition and maintenance of the Miller Building. (Scroll down to read more)

After the meeting, President Jane said, “Vegetables are not for the CCs!” An amazing program is presented under the title. She shared how they set up a large garden, including water systems, soil preparation, and planting techniques. She talked about the most successful and shared plant species in the past and how to control certain pests in the garden. The members appreciated all the useful information they shared about her first adventure, with some helpful advice along the way. Then the meeting was adjourned.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 5thTh At Miller Building at noon. All interested parties are invited to attend.


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