The Garden Club will meet on September 12th


Manset – Woods Garden Club, Inc. He held his monthly meeting on August 9 at the Lion Pavilion on one of the sidewalks.

Club President Chris Grave on National Garden Clubs, Inc. , And provided information on regional, state, and district leaders. She described each of their projects and goals.

Read the press release: “This is important because it allows our members to align our activities with the larger organization.

Members of the garden club brought flowers from their gardens.

The club’s next meeting will take place at noon on September 13 at Maniti 309 W. Parkdale Ave. It is located at the Oak Grove Hotel. The guest speaker will be Chelsea Cooper, a security technician from Maniti Protection District. Her presentation focuses on the flow control program.

For more information about club meetings and activities, contact Mark Markowski at (616) 401-3387 or Kathy Johnson at (231) 398-2840 or email at Woods Garden Club Spirit Michigan Garden Clubs, Inc. And National Garden Clubs, Inc.

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