The Garden Gates Garden Tour offers 11 gardens in the center of Frederick

Frederick & Grador Frederick Men’s Garden Club hosts an annual visit to the Garden Gates Garden from 1 to 5 p.m., May 21-22 in downtown Frederick and Baker Park.

This self-guided tour offers 11 Frederick’s best gardens and aims to inspire the green thumb.

There are a variety of ticket options for guests who are scheduled to attend the tour. Individual tickets can be purchased in advance for $ 25 or $ 30 on tour days. Pre-tickets are available online through May 20 at or at the Frederick County Visitor Center, 151 S. East St., Frederick.

Ticket Purchase Date at Frederick City Hall 101 N. Court St. It can be held from 5pm to 5pm on May 21-22 at the Tourist Center.

All tour guides are invited to use the reception center, which includes additional light drinks.

Since all the gardens on display are courtesy of the owners, proper gardening etiquette is required. This includes staying on the sidewalk or following directions in the garden, as described by the hosts. Also, avoid wearing high-heeled shoes or pushing carts on grass. This will help to preserve the beauty of the gardens that the owners have worked hard to provide for the visit. Parents are asked not to collect flowers for children.

This year’s gardens

Schifferstadt Heritage Garden

Schifferstadt’s kitchen garden follows the traditional German quadruple layout with fences and raised beds. The garden includes a variety of plants that are grown for a variety of purposes and are used for many years in cooking, medicine and home use. The nearby apple orchard includes a variety of common species from the 18th century. To make the house more accessible, a gate garden with plants and small plants has recently been established.

Mike and Kitabel’s Homford Garden

Behind this beautiful American quadruple style is a family-friendly garden for backyard barbecue and small gatherings. A brick-walled garden designed by Will Young Landcaps and built by Anvil Masonry. Inside the wall is a collection of fine boxwood, yeast, “green mountain” sugar maple, Sourwood, hydrangea and hellebore. Spring flower bulbs are spotted all over the landscape. The path of the serpent leads to the steps of two flags. The kitchen and vegetable garden are located on the west side of the garden between the house and the garage, and the oak-leaf hydrangea specimens have a shaded wall on the east side.

Michael Smith Garden and Brian Ward

This garden is a symbol of the ordinary earthquake that swept across the dry riverbed. The garden terrace is a great place to host meetings or spend a relaxing evening with family and friends. A variety of trees, shrubs and flowers, Hinoki Tempelhof Cypress, Oak Leaf Hydrangea, Orange Rocket Barberry, Royal Burgundy Barberry and Weeping Cherry, add to the tranquility. The garden contains many waterfalls and artistic structures. Homeowners would like to thank Medaws Farm nurses and landscaping for helping to bring their vision to life.

Matthias and Pamela Pendergrass Garden

Amazing and fascinating, this standard site features a mysterious wildflower native to Maryland. A variety of hostesses, trillions, Solomon’s seals, and quadruplets grow among unique metal works. Long statues of honeymooners line the back of the garden, and plentiful pottery adds to the overall vivid colors. Of particular interest is the fountain, which shows copper frogs, frogs, and wine pergola, bordering the brickwork. There is also a special metalwork with Indian water table, cherubs and animals as well as metal work flower boxes. Special thanks to Valerie Ciampa for her help and guidance in the development of the garden.

Frederick Federation Charities Market Street Garden

The original “Postage Stamp” style garden, Market Street Garden is located next to the main Williams House (in front of the two buildings now owned by the FedEx charity). It is reminiscent of the Greek revival of his home. Built in 1820, the garden has many Victorian elements typical of the period, including the original Wickerham steel fence and doors and the “Leda and Swan” fountain. The garden is overgrown with roses and has been further enhanced by the host, host, English ivy and prairie malo plants. The backyard is used by tenants in a non-profit center run by a federation of charities and features harvest tables and chairs and a variety of colorful plants. Lemons and cookies are served in the back garden.

Owned by Dan Backo and Eleanor Winter

This Hidden Garden, behind the Eliot, is a renaissance shop in downtown Frederick. The environment provides a comfortable place to enjoy a glass of wine or food, and a water-repellent environment. Children are drawn to a pond filled with playful fish and beautiful flowers. ‘Commercial’ garden for sale, various statues, containers and toilets are on display. Dan and Eleanor are strong believers that happiness comes in quiet times – to breathe and appreciate the loneliness of the garden. The couple hopes that it will bring a little joy to everyone who visits their garden.

Heritage Garden by Heritage Frederick

The refurbished heritage park is a hidden gem behind A. 1820 Federal Historical Museum of Frederick County. It is ADA accessible and the historic metal gates are located in the rear of the building. The walled garden is a beautiful, peaceful oasis that hosts a variety of outdoor activities, exhibitions, programs and public, private and community events. This Bay-Art Certified Garden features some of the unique features of a 19th-century medicinal garden, a historic garden with the new lotus little library box, a small playground box, a standard boxwood garden and a beautiful lawn for relaxation, relaxation, and fun. . Beautiful brick construction shows the memorial brick program. Interpretation sign provides visitors with information about the gardens and historians will enjoy learning about how the gardens have been used by homeowners over time.

Bob and Pam Robe’s Garden

Robeys Garden was designed in In 2016, he was co-founded and co-founded by Lisa Awsherman. Installed in hardscape 2016 and installation started in 2017 This garden is divided into two different areas; With four Tuscarora Crepe Myrtles and a central water feature, and an informal shade behind the Holly Fence, to some extent a formal sun garden. In addition to planting plants according to the original plan, many friends shared sample plants that made it more fun to watch the growing season. A large courtyard serves as a venue for cocktail parties, dinners, and emergency “meetings.” Bob Robbie designed a rose tray and a high-rise bed to provide extra seating for guests. He also made a large table with black beads. The balcony and garden provide a quiet sanctuary where you can enjoy the soothing sound of flowers, the fragrance of flowering plants, and the sights of the country’s wildlife.

Frederick Junk Company Garden

Locked behind the redesigned Frederick Junk Company, the garden features unique features, including a central fireplace, a custom outdoor kitchen, and Peruvian beach pebbles. Aromatic roses are planted throughout. The tall hollyhock hedge gives privacy, and blue-eyed grasses intertwined with orchids add color. There is a beautiful garden near the courtyard, creating a variety of soil cover that grows on the sand bed. Upstairs garden beds are installed behind the guest house with the garden.

David Garden and Karen Thomasson

This typical, free-flowing garden focuses on movement and color. Decorated with family and friends, the venue features a variety of meeting places on the porch in front of the waterfall and Pergola, in a quiet shade in the back. Large swamps of penicillins and hydrangeas, with a variety of soil cover, lead to abundant flowers throughout the garden. A fire pit on a paved porch allows homeowners to relax and unwind at all times. The front garden was designed and installed by Oldtowne Landscape architects, and the back garden was designed by the owner.

Stella Garden and Kevin Sherler

With its unique ecological landscape, it supports indigenous plants, provides vegetation and gardens, and includes fertilizers, rain barrels, and irrigation canals in urban conditions. Certified by Pollinator Friendly by Friedrich County Master Gardeners, the garden includes a variety of host plants such as dairy weed and golden Alexander for butterflies and fragrant cone. A large collection of art can be seen on the border fence. The site photos featured will be processed for the first time in April last year, as well as process photos from the open grass to today’s garden.

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