The garden in Woung Park celebrates the memory of Montcler Judy Weston

John and Judy Weston, shown here at Montclar State University. (Court Hill Joel)

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Judy Weston was with her husband, Josh, a huge supporter of science education in Montreal, and many other educational and cultural aspects of the city.

But Weston, according to friends and neighbors, was the kindest person who even waited for the couriers to deliver the envelope of soda or hot cocoa.

Weston died in October 2020 at the age of 87.

On August 10, the Montcler City Council voted to turn the Wong Park section into a dedicated garden in Westminster.

The unanimous decision of the garden was supported by the second circuit counselor, Robin Schlager.

Along the way, Westlogger’s postal worker Angelo Sigallis and neighbor Eli Max have decided to meet Judy Weston’s friends who are leading the garden project, Schlager said.

The first plans were to dedicate the garden on October 9, the anniversary of the death of Westston. But Schlager and Josh Weston have confirmed that the park will now be opened in the spring so as not to clash with the October 9 memorial service.

After moving to Montcell in the 1950s, Westns lived in the Wangang Park area, and Wanging Park was a popular destination for walking baggage after sunbathing on Wangang Plaza.

Shelager said the plan is to plant a tree in the park by August 13. “The city’s veteran will help you choose the best place for the tree and grow it there, ”he said. A monument will be erected next to the tree.

Josh Weston is still in the process of designing the garden, but Gob may have features such as benches for visitors to sit on. He may also have been involved in the project, claiming that one of the couple’s children was an architect.

Schlager City collaborates with family and friends of Judy Weston on all logistics, financial details and design elements.

A.D. In 2000, Weston Scholars launched a program to enable Montcler State High School students to engage in laboratory work at Montcell State University. More than 800 students have participated in the program since its inception.

Weston has also sponsored Montcler High School’s Robot Program, High School 3D Innovation Laboratory, and STEM Laboratory at Booth Aldrin High School.

They were donors to the Montclar Art Museum, the Montreal Film Festival, the Terasaide Hospital, and the Montcler Ambulance Unit.

At the meeting, councilors spoke about Westston’s long history of community service and the city’s support for the garden.

“As far as we know, the whole family has been supporting Montcell,” said Mayor Sean Spiler.

David Kumings, a fourth member of the ward council, mentioned that his own son was participating in the Western Scholars program.

Third Ward Council Laureate Waga Abram L daughter mentioned that she was involved in the West Scholars program. She knew the West through Temple Ner Tamid.

Often, when a person passes away, he or she will focus on the major charities in which he or she is involved.

“But really, to the point of verification, the postman or something, she was able to thank him in some way,” says Abram.

Cummings, as well as a former Board of Education member, recalled that Westons regularly attended board meetings. He recalled that many Montcler supervisors relied on their professionalism in Weston to find out what schools needed for STEM education.

They were really the kind of supporters you really wanted, because everything they did was about students and education, ”he said. He was just a good charity, and they didn’t ask for anything in return.

Editor’s note – Josh Weston also provided challenging nonprofit news to the Montcell area – if 20,000 or more individuals donated $ 10,000 to the organization. The aid is not based on coverage of certain topics in Montcell, including Weston.

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