The Garden of the Month is a visual complement to Litia Park

Stephanie and Brian Deborah have an unusual level of interest in their wonderful garden at 85 Wenburn Road, and so do they. Their Ashland Garden Club Month Garden is September.

Deborahs view their property as an extension of the Lithuania Park across the street. Brian has a special connection to the park – his maternal grandfather was in the garden and he helped Brian as a child and once he won an ice cream shop from Deborah’s house.

It seems to have been established for a long time — and therefore it is better to complete the park — the garden is installed in the stages of 2018-19. The first installation takes 11 days and requires a large crane. One tree weighs 7,000 pounds. The use of mature plants was the key to making the garden look old.

Brian and Stephanie were involved in gardening and gardening. While the plants were sitting outdoors, Brian and Stephanie went from room to room to see the spectacular views of each scene.

Jacksonville’s Lori Sager and associates were landscape designers and guided Debores in a fun and creative process. One of Larry’s many ideas was to create a stunning overall effect by creating a beautiful, well-lit landscape for a low-end bedroom.

The architect Carlos Delgado was enthusiastic. With the help of Deter Trost – and a family friend – from Modford, Oregon, southern Oregon, he bought some of the sample trees, all of which grew up here in Oregon.

The garden is mostly in Japanese tradition and has many conferences and maps. Brian has a special love for the Joseph Joseph Tines, a map of Japan for “Lovers,” and Snow Fire.

There are 29 Japanese maps on the property, because the Japanese maps, including the red Felix thread, the green box, and the crypt, are among the best of Stephanie’s favorite plants. A complete list of plants, in pictures, is available on PlantsMap ( – search in Winberland). Bryan has installed PlantsMap tags at the feet of many plants.

Special resources have been found for many of the treasures in the landscape. The Essex nursery in Boring offers many unique trees, known for their mature specimens in their gallery. The most beautiful stones in the garden came from the dispersed Japanese garden. The half-century-old Frank on the sidewalk near the front door came from the Frank Lloyd Wright building.

Both Bryan and Stephanie work in the garden, and Brian is mistaken for a professional gardener, especially when working outside. He can distinguish every plant from memory.

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