The garden on Castle Pines’ Buffalo Ridge is supported by the city

The castle at Buffalo Ridge Elementary School in Castle Pins has grown into a real community project by donating the work and services of various organizations. The city is now helping to design the garden as part of the project.

A.D. Using donated funds in 2019, the City of Castle Pines collaborated with elementary school to add concrete around the garden beds. In all, LiveWell Colorado, now known as Norish Colorado, donated $ 5,000. The city donated $ 2,500.

Nourish Colorado is an organization that makes healthy, nutritious food accessible by advocating for better policies, regional initiatives, and community partnerships.

Prior to the renovation, Buffalo Ridge’s principal Jennifer Murdock Jakoi said the school’s garden beds were surrounded by unpaved dirt roads, making it impossible for children in wheelchairs to walk around the plants. The $ 7,5,000 grant from the city allowed the school to add concrete around the garden boxes, which it plans to add more concrete to the garden in the future.

Before entering the city, Murdock Jakoi said the garden had attracted community support for many years. Local youth air conditioning stations, music stations, benches and picnic tables are set up for eagle scout badges. Two years ago, local youths also worked to create a gazebo.

Mordok Jakowai says she has not been happy with how the garden has changed over the past few years. Covi’s restrictions have led to some plant loss and maintenance issues, and much work remains to be done, Mordok said, adding that she is already teaching foreign subjects regularly at the start of the new school year. Seating chairs in front of the garden, full classrooms learning about gardening, what to expect in the 2019 stairs, gardening, care and planning.

Moving forward, Murdock Jakoi said the focus is on restoring past garden success. Only a few tomatoes and sunflowers will grow at the beginning of the new school year, but Murdock said the garden once raised enough money for the school to produce enough fruits and vegetables for students and workers to participate in.

Mordock Jakoi said she has always wanted a working relationship with the City of Pins and that the garden project is a good step forward.

“This project has really found a way to connect with the city,” says Murdock. “As an elementary school student, it is important to work with local groups. In this project, we have developed a relationship with them, and we have started talking about other projects that we can do together.

Megan Paliszi, an administrative analyst for City Castle Pins, received the grant. Palizi agrees that the money will help to improve relations with local schools. Palisizi said the garden was not only obedient to the ADA, but also a source of pride and community ownership for Buffalo Ridge students.

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