The garden project feeds the community and the young mind

Rochester, New York (WROC) – A community-based effort is operating in the Marketview Heights neighborhood in Rochester. Its purpose is not only to feed but also to encourage in education.

Originally established ten years ago through the Marketview Heights Collective Action Project, it provides free and fresh produce for baby vegetables. Martin Pedraza has been with the program for 12 years and usually takes care of the garden… and everything in between.

“Try to make it as easy as possible by trying to get rid of weeds. Everyone hates weeds. I know I do! You know, but it has to be done,” Pedraza said with a laugh and sincerely.

It also grows in the garden – young minds. The field-to-table program provides summer school activities to teach school children where and how their food grows.

“Most of the time you only see it on tops or vegmans but here you see it in the real plant and we try to grow everything,” Pedraza said. “Like Stevia. When you hear and see it, but when you look at it and see it, say, ‘Wow, it’ s a green plant – but as you taste and walk away, you say, ‘My God!’ It tastes good like old Bazoka foam! ” You know it irritates their minds!

The effort, known as 501 (c) 3, is known as non-profit.

And all meals are completely free for anything and everything you need.

“We pass it on to the locals, we give it to the food banks, we give it to Lewis Street handicrafts, we transfer it to different people.

Many organizers say that they would like to do this, so it will be a great encouragement to those who practice gardening to come back one day.

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