The global factory size is expected to reach $ 121.8 billion by 2021. By 2026, it is projected to reach $ 172.5 billion, accounting for 7.2% of CAGR.

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Greenhouses are an advanced technology for plant development, especially for vegetables, flowers and fruits. Environmental factors such as temperature, light exposure, irrigation, fertilizer, humidity, and ventilation can all be monitored for better crop growth.

Commercial greenhouses typically produce large quantities of crops for consumers; Greenhouses are ideal for herbal sciences and medicinal gardens.
• George: In light type, sunlight is expected to dominate the market during the forecast period.

Some plant factories choose and use natural light sources, such as sunlight. However, it is ideal for areas with high levels of sunlight, which are essential for indoor plant growth. Greenhouse farms generally use natural sunlight. It is best to use free sunlight for sustainable production.

The European Union is expected to record the highest growth rate during the review period.
Plant factories or controlled areas of agriculture (CEA) and commercial greenhouse evolution (CEA) took place in Europe with the adoption of agricultural and automation technologies and with the encouragement of governments. Research in a variety of greenhouse automation, hydroponics, aerospace, and aerospace environments, including climate control, lighting and material management.

Due to the overall development of the plant factories, Europe has become a major market for plant plants.
The plant factory market is divided into regions by detailed analysis of each region. These regions include Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, South America and Africa, and the rest of the world, including the Middle East.

Classification of elementary education
• In Company – Level 1–60%, Level 2–25%, Level 3–15%,
• By nomination – CXO – 35%, Directors – 45%, and others – 20%
• Regional – North America – 10%, Europe – 25%, APAC-45%, South America – 5%, RoW-15%

The leading players in this report include:
• AeroFarms (USA)
• BrightFarms (USA)
• Gotham Greens (USA)
• Good Agriculture (USA)
• AppHarvest (USA)
• Plenty Unlimited Inc. (USA)
• Myra Company Limited (Japan)
• Calera (Norway)
• Farminova (Turkey)
• Tiksha Limited (USA)
• Iron Oaks (USA)
• Agricultural (France)
• Crop One (UAE)
• Vertical Harvest (USA)

Research coverage
This report divides the plant plant market based on the type of plant, the growing system, the type of light, the type of crop and the region. In terms of insights, this research report focuses on a variety of analytical stages: competitive landscape, pricing insights, end-use analysis, and company profiles — together and discuss basic perspectives on plant growth and growth. Market, high-growth regions, countries, industry trends, drivers, restrictions, opportunities and challenges.

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