The government auditor speaks on the DFL tour

Staff photo by Minnesota State Auditor Julie Ballala at a Herman Heights Park Tuesday fundraising event at Brown County.

New ULM – Minnesota State Auditor Julie Blaha talks about the value of unity at the Herman Heights Park Tuesday DFL fundraiser.

“Unity is a big, convincing lift. Mankind Wants to Be One ” He said. “It’s a message we need to hear. Governor Tim Waltz uses “One Minnesota”. We are willing to come together to do things. This is what connects us. ”

She asked people if they could imagine working with another group in the COVID-19 epidemic.

“Compare our leadership with that of other party leaders. It’s a Big Difference ” He said.

“Oh, Some Want to Fight” He said. “They believe that science is real. These are important issues. We all need to adapt to climate change. Every work we do now is unbelievable to the world. You are doing a great job. ”

According to Blah, the state auditor’s office oversees more than $ 40 billion in local government spending and oversees federal spending in Minnesota more than $ 20 billion this year alone.

He also said that the office would conduct inspections, audits, investigations, compliance checks, provide direct support to answer questions, and provide financial software to small government departments. It also provides analysis to help people make informed decisions.

Local government is one of the last places you can do things for your neighbors ” She said. We still have local government when things get tough at the federal and state levels. Without that, our hospitals and schools would be closed. ”

Blah says she loves her job of protecting her neighbor.

She urged residents of Minnesota not to miss out on the Minnesota State Exhibition at the Skills, Humor and Innovation Center, which was built with seeds, stems and other plant parts.

Minnesota is the only state in the world that produces crops ” He said. “Don’t miss the messages written in some works of art. It builds respect for farmers, something you don’t always get. If you are leaving, say goodbye and stand in the DFL booth and say hello.

Blahah thanked Democrats for releasing their personal belongings in an accident at Farmfest a few weeks ago.

Democrats will be with you whenever they want. ” He said. Thanks to the half-driver’s move, no one was seriously injured.

Blah said she was impressed by the care she received at Karis Health-Redwood Hospital.

“What a beautiful place. That’s great. It’s big. It looked like a four-star hotel. They Were Great Only for Us ” He said.

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