The government has unveiled a five-year plan to revive coconut farming in Konasoma

Vegetation department to conduct a survey to identify suitable areas for vegetables and fruits

Agriculture Minister Kurasala Canababu on Tuesday instructed scientists and horticultural officials to develop a five-year plan to rehabilitate coconut farming in the woreda’s Konasama region and find timely solutions to existing challenges, including whitefly.

Mr. Canababu, Minister of Social Welfare Pinipe Viswarop, Commissioner of the Department of Vegetation Development SSSharhar, Horticulture Research Center Scientists (HRS-Ambjipeta) and Farmers celebrated the closing ceremony of the Coconut Year 2020-21 here on the HRS campus.

Mr Canababu told the meeting that the regional government would unveil the five-year plan as soon as possible. Scientists and officials are plotting to grow coconut gardens.

Mr. Canababu announced that the Department of Fruit and Vegetable Department will conduct a field survey across the state to identify suitable areas for coconut farming maps. The total area of ​​coconut farming in the state is more than 1.5 million hectares and more than 54,000 hectares include 16 villages in the state.

Dr. Yars, Vice Chancellor of the University of Horticultural University, said Janaki Ram, HRS Chief Scientist Bagavan and other scientists are working to develop sustainable solutions for whitefly infesting coconuts.

The Human Rights Council (HRCO) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Central Institute of Botanical Research (CPC-Karagod) to stimulate coconut production in the region.

Collector c. Harry Kiran said a three-member committee has been set up to study the impact of offshore oil exploration on coconut gardens in the Konsema region.


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