The government opposes the Horticulture Act

Although it was presented by two government senators, the government opposed the proposed creation of a special patch for pet fruits.

Foreign Minister Malcolm Nonan told Cyanad that the “first legal advice” on the bill was “serious legal issues”.

Instead, he said, the report, which outlines ways to support the local fruit and vegetable sector, will be submitted to the cabinet early next week.

The Irish fruit and vegetable sector has been in crisis since board and Mona stopped collecting peas last year if the Supreme Court requires compliance with licensing, planning and environmental regulations.

Council Speaker and Good Gel Senator Regina Doherti from Fianna Fail Senator Kavan-Mongan Robbie Gallagher have jointly introduced the Horticulture Act. For indoor gardening.

In countries such as Latvia, they have received limited party support to eliminate the practice of importing peas.

However, Minister Nenan told Cyanad that while welcoming the debate, he indicated that the government would oppose the proclamation.

He said the “first legal advice” from the Attorney General’s Office was on foot: “Serious legal issues … in relation to EU environmental law.”

Minister Nona told senators that the unpublished Horticulture pea group report was going to the cabinet and with a note on ways to support the local fruit and vegetable sector – and that could happen next week.

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