The government should allow foreign gardeners to support the garden

A.D. In 2017, the ornamental garden was valued at 2 24.2 billion. During the same year, 568,000 jobs were supported by the industry, but 1.6% of our total work in the UK has been enhanced by a strong or valuable career path in the national curriculum.

Although it generated 4 5.4 billion that year, it has yet to be ignored and receives little direct support or budget incentives.

However, flowers and plants, parks, and gardens pay special attention to our minds and well-being, wildlife, and the environment.

Photograph by Gary Nyler of Greenhouse workers working in the nursery

As an industry, we have a huge shortage of energy. We have all invested as much as we can in automation but this industry is hungry.

Most crops still need to be planted and pruned by hand, some grading and transporting can be done by machine, but even machines require parts to run and be used.

Haulage is a problem, they go through all the pain of growing a flower, then they struggle to get someone to buy it and I can’t see how these obstacles will go through in the current state of mind.

Su Lamb (44304805)
Su Lamb (44304805)

All of this strengthens the margin. It takes a good idea to see how we can keep the next generation going.

The government should allow some foreign workers to come directly to the daycare center, not through a farm worker.

Customers should not compromise their order and operate such a roller coaster order as some do now.

We should not send boards with two or three boxes on it, but only whole boards around the country.

And as farmers, we need to work together and promote the industry.

It’s hard work, many hours, but it’s fun and you’re generally working with something that makes someone happy, which should be added.


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