The Gramby School Garden creates learning experiences for students at all levels of Worthington School

A.D. After moving to Central Ohio with her family in 2016, Amber Keller was attending a PTA meeting at the Front School.

“Everyone was so happy,” Keller said. I suggested a process that we could use to design and install the garden (to Granby Principal Patty Schlagel) and she boarded it.

Keller: Franklin County chief gardener, whose two children were educated at Granby at the time – and other volunteers began working with the school’s yard-gardening staff to build a Granby school garden.

The team estimates the resources of staff and students in what they want and use in the garden.

“Our goal is for all stakeholders to own space and for us to create a learning environment,” Keller said.

Emari Spencer, a 12-year-old student at McCord High School, grabs the newly hatched black butterfly behind Gramby Elementary School on August 11 at Gramby School Garden and Finn Smile Butterfly Behind Gramby Elementary School.

Approximately 7,500 square feet of gardening cost $ 37,000, Keller said. She said she received $ 11,440 from the Warwrington Education Foundation, the Scottish Miracle-Gro Foundation, the Finly Smile Foundation, the Franklin County Community Gardening and GPP Group Workers Foundation, and the rest came from the Columbus Foundation’s online fundraising event. Donate, Granby PTA and donations from local businesses.

The garden has been growing for approximately three years, and observers say it has become a favorite feature of the school.

“Such values ​​have been added to our building and to our education program,” said Shelagel.

In honor of the Granby Elementary School Gatekeepers, the crocodile statue welcomes guests to the Gramby School Gardens and the Finn Smile Butterfly Habitat.

“This was our ultimate goal to give children the opportunity to practice real teaching skills and to solve critical thinking and problems,” Keller said. And the garden is a great place for socio-emotional learning.

Keller is a family friend of Emily Hunt, a landscape architect and gardener Heidi Schaefer, with the Warner Larson Landscape Architects in Boston. According to Keller, Chae Ferfer and Karen Nicole are two volunteers who have made significant contributions to the project since its inception.

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