The Green Flower and GF Institute have announced the launch of Kevin Jodrin to join the Partnership Committee by promoting the standard cannabis education.

Industry seeks to expand career development programs and energy expansion strategy using GF Institute certifications to improve work experience

Ventura, California And San Francisco, September 15, 2021 (PRNewswire) – Green Flower and the newly established GIF Institute are thrilled to announce that they are an internationally recognized cannabis expert. Kevin Jodri He is joining the GIF leadership committee to advise, guide and approve the industry’s first-class cannabis education credentials developed by the Green Flower Education and Development Forum.


“In recent years, the rapid growth of the cannabis industry has created a growing interest in establishing real, robust, and well-researched standards for GPI cannabis workers.” Gil Christ, Chairman of the GF Institute. “The explosion of farmers’ businesses will increase the pressure and the operating pressures they face at the same time. Kevin Jodri Suitable GFI Founding Member Partner. For the FCC. As we work with the ANSI National Certification Board for both federal and international accreditation, we are proud to have such an unforgettable reputation for developing high quality cannabis on our hosting committees.

Jodri, one of the most famous farmers in Humboldt County And the Ganger program, a group of internationally acclaimed cannabis professionals who join GFI on their own to provide critical insights into construction technology certification through associations with cookies. Humboldt Appeal initiative and Port Royal brand, and long-term support for balanced education in the rapidly growing cannabis area.

With many states in the United States and around the world coming online with new cannabis markets and new cannabis laws, we are seeing many new opportunities for people who want to engage in cannabis as an industry due to the huge trade. It is an opportunity to be represented in manufacturing, retail or cannabis farming and horticulture, ”said Jodri. As we have seen in other industry professional certification programs, standardized education programs and certifications are a good way to meet the growing demand to train people in the cannabis industry. They are productive, practical workers who can work in any environment because they are strong and learn to make decisions based on good practices.

Representatives of the GIF Institute’s executive committee, such as Jodri, are confident that with GIF’s new qualification programs, cannabis employers will be able to build a truly skilled and talented workforce that is designed to compete, succeed and prosper in the changing cannabis market today.

Invites every licensed cannabis operator to encourage GIF industrial adoption America To join this historic push to bring credibility, fairness and professionalism to our industry and become a founding member of GIF.

It is a time limit for membership applications December 31, 2021, Additional financial incentives for existing brands – Founding Member Brands Green Flower Enterprise Education and Development Forum has been given the opportunity to deploy GFI certificates at no additional cost to their organization. Future brands looking to join later December 31 Each certificate program is required to be purchased separately.

For more information on the GF Institution or GIF Cannabis Certification Program, please visit and download the complete program documentation, including the course curriculum.

About the green flower:
A.D. Founded in 2014, Green Flower is an industry leader in cannabis education by providing the knowledge, skills, and expertise needed by thousands of consumers, regulators, and professionals to succeed in the growing cannabis industry.

The Green Flower Content and Technology Forum empowers cannabis programs at universities and colleges across the country, provides customized learning and compliance solutions for cannabis businesses of all sizes, and equips individuals with the skills and credentials needed to influence the modern cannabis industry. .

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