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By Elizabeth Dodge

The Green Friday speaker series is streaming live to your home via Zoom! Join us at 7:30 pm on the second Friday of each month to discuss some of the most exciting and important environmental issues of our time. Read more and sign up (free) using the calendar details on our activities and events calendar and we will send you instructions on how to join. Find past Green Friday programs on our YouTube channel.

September 10 – Tales and Trails of the California Mountains

Exciting Tour of the Golden State Adventures “Inspired by the Mountains of California Mountains” Matt shares photographs, history, and personal experiences from his manuals, particularly his new work, a summary of California. Expect lots of travel tips and tips for beginners to enhance the fun outdoors, especially climbing.

Matt Johansen writes about many California newspapers and magazines outdoors. Matt’s Outdoor Books include Yosemite Epics, Yosemite Adventures and Plot Summary. The new project will guide the California Assembly of all abilities to the 50 Mountains in the Golden State.

October 8 – Tule Elk at Point Reyes National Seashore

Julie Phillips shares her nature-based teaching skills with a focus on the controversial planning center set to shoot only in California and at the Point Reyes National Seashore. To better understand the natural history of Tule Elk and the long-distance Dale, land use patterns and human disturbances to better understand the current Tule Elk locations (and compare those locations with local data from 30 years ago). Region.

Julie Phillips holds a MA in Biology from San Jose State University, specializing in wildlife management. She spent seven years studying the use and adaptation of the recycled Tule Elk area in California, including Meta Hamilton, Gabillan, Temblor Range, and the entire Caribbean. Julie In 2013, he published a Citizenship Guide to Tule Elk.

November 12 – Human influences on how to grow California tree diseases

Matteo Garbeloto explains that climate change, anthropogenic pressure, and emergencies are a major threat to California trees. His talk explores four types of tree disease: the recent invasion of California from other parts of the world; Invading pathogens, strangers and infrequent, indigenous pathogens who have recently entered the jungles of California from farming or gardening, and whose influence has increased significantly due to modern forest management practices; And latent pathogens that are prone to climate change aggression, lethal pathogens. Together, these four types of pathogens have the ability to replicate the distribution, diversity, and structure of one California forest.

Matteo Garbeloto is a professor and assistant professor at UC Berkeley Cooperative Expansion and director of the Forest Pathology and Mycology Laboratory.

Chapter New Volunteer Green Friday Program Program Coordinator!

Are you interested in becoming more involved in chapter activities? You can help organize our Green Friday series, which is celebrated on the second Friday of each month! The place requires about three hours of work a month Finding speakers, coordinating with chapter staff and setting up meetings (for now zoom), with presentations two hours a month.

If you want to help bring interesting and informative speakers to our members, Please contact Joan Drebeck At We would like to thank Elizabeth Dodge for her hard work over the past few years as the coordinator of our program! If you have any questions about the location, you can contact her at

Photo Credit: Mother and Calf Tule Elk by Point Raise by Flickr Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0).

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