The growth of Gardopia’s gardens continues with the juice, in the community kitchen

The community garden and nonprofit towing crime has big plans for growth five years from now, and the section will begin with two new public facilities.

Gardopia parks were filled with more than 30 volunteers on Saturday morning from the University of the Body and St. Mary’s University, clearing gardens and planting mud on the ground.

Later that day, Gardopia prepares for the CDID market and the farmers’ market on August 25, where it launches a community juice bar. The juice bar works outside a refurbished container. Stephen Luck, CEO and founder of Gardopia, says the juice bar will serve fresh juices using locally sourced produce and will be served every Saturday after launch.

Microgreen Restaurant and Mushroom Education (MME) is ready to go into full service, and includes juice.

Stephen Santana | MySA

However, the refurbished container will only pass through the chimney.

Luke calls it the new facility (Micrograss Food and Mushroom Education (MMA)) Laboratory, where Gardopia Gardens will provide growing and constructive micrograms and mushrooms for consumption or for people to grow on their own. Gardopia Gardens has raised more than $ 40,000 to bring the MEME lab to life.

Microgreens are edible vegetables that are harvested immediately after germination.

At the MEME laboratory, the economy and people struggled during the outbreak, Luke said.

“So, you know, I think gardening is one of the things that has a silver lining,” said Luke. So we are trying to be that light in the midst of all darkness.

The MEME Laboratory will have not only a juice bar and an acupuncture garden, but also a community refrigerator, kitchen and toilet that anyone can use. He hopes it will serve as a small restaurant for those who come to the community garden.

Lukke said Gardophia’s gardens are more secure, a sovereign food city, and a “real decision” on how to create a government panel on climate change. That section includes gathering information on how much food is grown in the city and setting up a starting line.

Community Health Plans for Bexsa County and Local Health Care Benefits Recently, Gardopia Gardens was selected as a food storage site.

The overall goal is to reduce poverty in the area around 78202 and in the surrounding eastern communities by fighting poverty and food security in a sustainable manner. Lukke 78202 says the zip code is one of the most economically oppressed in the region.

Ashley McGregy, a volunteer coordinator with Gardopia, has been a gardener for 10 years.

“We are homeless, people in need, they have come here, and they can come out and feel safe,” Mac said.

She says Gardopia provides a natural place in a densely populated forest where people can have access to clean, healthy food.

“I really care about people of color. Many of us have a background in doing that, but we are very different. ”

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