The Horticultural Exhibition continues with more than 300 entries

The annual gardening fair was held for the first time in two years.

On Monday, August 30, more than 100 people attended the annual show in Broadband and the Woreda Horticultural Society.

For the first time since 2019, the show has had a variety of exhibitions covering fruits and vegetables, flowers, flower arrangements, photographs and homework with young people from different classes.

The organizers of the show received 322 entries and said that the quality of the entries was ‘very high’ because of the large number of people who had previously attended the show.

The top scorer in the show was Brian Stone, the winner of the Corades Cup. In the Fruit and Vegetable category, Bob Link was the runner-up in the Christian category.

Barry Clare won both the WL Giles Cup for the top tray and the Bennett Cup. In the Flowers category, the overall winner was Jim Crab, who won the trophy. Mr. Stone also won the Ian Jones Dahlia Cup. Pauline Busk wins Rage Hansford trophy for mixed flowers He won the Dog Religious Cup for the best perfume rose at Leis Stadium.

In the flower arrangement, both the Flower Contest and the Leonard Steadley Cup were won by Joe Love. In the Photography category, Dan Chandler won both Jubilee Photography Award for Best Photo and Photography Cup for most points in the class. In the homework section, they both won the WI Challenge Cup and the Richard Thornberg Chuni Challenge Cup with Becky Curtis. Maurice Yarham won the Cordial Cup with Joe Love.

In the Youth League, Willow McKenzie won the Children’s Cup with a lot of points and Eden Nikolov won the Best Shop Community Shop trophy.

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