The Horticulture community held its first show in over two years

The Grasington and District Horticulture Association was much admired at the first show for more than two years.

Corona Virus Restrictions It was held in August 2019, but competitions were held closely following the unlimited, Corona virus restrictions, and the winners were presented with trophies after being reunited at this year’s show. At Grasington City Hall

This year’s winner was Karen Darwin, who won not only the Cunningham Cup for her performance in the show, but also Joan Bilby Salver in the locker room and won the Best Orchid Margaret Locker Cup. .

There were two more trophy winners. Joan Whitker achieved her success by discovering the community Rose Bowl, for the most part in the floral arrangement room and the community’s best flower arrangement for her floral arrangement.

Hillary Hobson won the Bluefield Cup for the most points in the Flowers category from 1st to 8th grade and the community score.

She won the Twin Locks Cup, the Best Show for Flowers in the ninth to 14th grade at Michael Stot, and Judy Booth won the Community Cup with a lot of points.

Philip Johnson, chairman of the Grassington and District Horticultural Society, said: In compliance with the Covenant guidelines, the Challenge Cup was highly competitive in both August 2020 and August 2021.

Wally Wilton In March 2020, he won the trophy with a magnificent display of onions grown in pots. And Joan Stott grew from the plug geranium to become a 2021 winner. Released in April 2021 ”

Mr Johnson added that the community would like to express its sincere gratitude to the judges, David Allison, Flowers; Elin proud, floral arrangement; And Joan Middleton, for baking and manufacturing, and for all those who support the success of the event.

The next event in the Village Vegetable Calendar will be an annual show on Saturday, August 21 at Grasington City Hall.

More details on this and future events can be found on Grassington Hub’s website.

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