The Iowa Senior Center offers free gardening products

Irrigation at the Chadek Green Park in Iowa, Thursday, August 26, 2021, in Regina Girazian, Iowa. The garden is being maintained by volunteers at the Iowa City Senior Center. Product from the garden is available free of charge at the Elderly Center. (Photo by Erin Jordan)

IOWA CITY – Older Americans are at risk of not having access to a new product because of the lack of a car and the desire to stay in the area, including prices, according to a 2016 study.

Iowa City Senior Center is trying to increase access to fresh vegetables and fruits after a summer garden by volunteers. Free produce, including tomatoes, broccoli, peppers, zucchini and cabbage, is now available at the Iowa City Senior Center.

“People decided to choose the easiest to cook,” said Michel Buhman, a program specialist at the center. And “plants that have given us so much grace.”

Bohman promises a 10×20 garden in Chadek Green Park, east of Iowa, in search of volunteer gardeners during the summer. During the summer months, she met 16 people who wanted to plant, cultivate, and water the garden – a challenge for long dry letters.

“We have two separate meetings to have a more social volunteer experience when you can be safe outside,” Buhamman said.

It was this social movement that inspired the city of Iowa to volunteer for 66-year-old Regina Girazian.

Girazian retired as school secretary in Clovis, Cal. He moved to Iowa in late 2019. She wanted to be close to her son and family, including her grandchildren Jack, 5 and June. 3. But then Kovi was beaten and Grazian was left alone in a new place before she had time to develop a team.

“It’s difficult to meet people at this age,” she says. “I am happy that this is open to me to do something. Vegetables are expensive, so I feel good about feeding the elderly. Food is expensive. ”

The Farmers Market Nutrition Program provides low-income seniors with a $ 30 check to purchase products from farmers’ market vendors.

“It’s not as much as $ 30 when we first started the program,” says Bohman. Backyard Garden offers free produce that the elderly can enjoy throughout the year in a stable food on the shelf.

Go back to Girazian once a week to register weeding and watering in the garden. Last week, she helped water the plants, and a red tomato, which she had to hold in both hands, was amazed.

Iowa City Regina Girazian, Thursday, August 26, 2021, will display a large tomato from the Iowa City Senior Center volunteer garden. Grow from “Back” garden is available for free at the Iowa City Center. (Photo by Erin Jordan)

Backyard Garden is among the other plans for rent in Iowa. Plans include vegetables and ornamental plants such as zinc and sunflower seeds. During this time, all of the city’s gardens were sold at Chadde Green, Vetterby Park, Kiwanis Park, and Reno Street Park.

Girazian left and is happy to have contributed to her new community.

“I am a beginner,” she said of gardening. “But who doesn’t know how to water? Who doesn’t know how to debug? It is not difficult. ”

Regina Girazian and her granddaughter, Jun Girazian, 3, both of Iowa, show a large tomato at Chaddek Green Park in Iowa Thursday, August 26, 2021. Regina volunteers in a garden planted by Ariyo City elders. Center. Product from the garden is available free of charge at the Elderly Center. (Photo by Erin Jordan)

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