The Iowa State Landscape Design, Installation and Management Program pays for the University and its students

When gardening students place a sub-base in the sidewalk rehabilitation.

Students of the University of Iowa State Department of Horticulture gathered to renovate the sidewalks and stairs on campus. The students, led by Dr. Grant Thompson, an assistant professor of horticulture, started landscaping construction management last week as part of their course.

The combination of foot traffic, snow removal, and grass care has been declining over the years. In the midst of deteriorating standards, some saw an opportunity to teach students about the logistics of real landscaping projects.

Thompson was able to approve and present the project tWith Utilities Services in Ronda Martin Assistant Services and Barb Steinner in Utilities Planning and Management.

The classroom is designed for students who are engaged in landscape design, installation and management. Although much of this special education curriculum is related to the design aspect, this course teaches students about the physical aspects of landscaping.

“In this course, students will learn the basics of residential and small-scale landscaping, how to do everything, and how to do different calculations for plunder and rainwater,” Thompson said. “Students took over the existing bricks last week and stored them for reuse.”

Some carpenters were damaged over time and could not be reused, so the facilities provided planning and management replacements as well as other necessary materials.

“This week the students are working to bring the sub-base or sub-base (good material) to the right level and give us a good foundation,” Thompson said. Next week we will add a little sand and start laying stone slabs.

The actual implementation of a landscape project provides insight into the planning process of such a project. Jobs such as bidding and project planning require an understanding of how the actual construction process works.

“This is a stone floor for some of our landscapes and design students,” Thompson said. They take all the design and theories that you have made in this and you can take into account all these design differences by understanding how something is built.

The Iowa State Landscape Design, Installation and Management Program is one of the seven-year programs recognized by the National Association of Landscaping Professionals, making it a safe alternative for students looking to pursue a career in landscaping.

Savana Mikalski, a leading fruit and vegetable farmer in Iowa State, explained her decision to participate in landscaping.

“I always liked gardening because I could not decide which track to take, but I ended up with landscape design and management,” says Mikelsky. I like the design room more but I think this part is very important because it shows what is behind the landscape design. When designing those items, it is important to know what everyone is going through. ”

Landscaping and Management gives students the opportunity to come out of the classroom and improve their prospects in real life. The excitement that helped me to take care of the campus included the features of this course.

“It’s better to go out and do things than to sit in the classroom all day,” says Mikalsky.


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