The Kish College teacher has been named the Rose Parade floating judge

Malta – Janet Gallagher, AIFD and Associate Professor of Horticulture, has been named one of three floating judges for the 133rd Rose Parade at Kishwawki, Pasadena.

The Rose Parade is part of the annual Rose Day celebration with the annual Rose Bowl football game. This will be Gallagher’s first year in office, and she says it ‘s amazing to have a judge.

A.D. Gallger said a committee would conduct its own fact-finding mission to examine potential candidates for the position of judge.

“You cannot apply. You are not appointed. There is an Inquiry Committee that selects candidates and candidates, ”Gallger said. “It is humble. How do you get a teacher from Little Malta? ”

Galager’s long credentials helped her stand out in the floral design. As a Kish teacher, Gallagher teaches her students the realities of the flower industry. Through practical application, her students create unique floral arrangements that support local events such as the annual Kishwawki College Foundation Gala. Under her tutelage, Kish students received national recognition at events such as the AIFD National Symposium.

Having been a fruit and vegetable teacher in Kish for 16 years, Gallagher has been actively involved in the flower industry for 34 years. In the private sector, Gallagher is the founder and CEO of Janet Specialty Designs Flower Company Designs. She has been a member of the AIFD for 18 years, where she served as Chair of National Education and Chair of the National Student Chapter.

During her career, Gallager’s floral displays have been on display at various venues and events from Elwood House in DeKalb to the White House, Washington DC. Students in Horticulture. “I’m really honored to be chosen. It shows how vast this industry is, and if you stay consistent and involved in your profession, it can really pay off,” she said. “Our daily routine may seem overwhelming. But if you do it well and go the extra mile, it can turn into something unusual.

The 133rd Rose Parade kicks off on Saturday, January 1 at 10 p.m. and will be broadcast worldwide. This year’s theme is “Dream. Believe me. Achieve it. ” Education focuses on how to open doors and change lives. Gallagher says her experience in floral design and education has led her to challenge this year’s theme.

Gallagher is on the list of floating judges this year. Keith White joins John Piper, an AFD designer and professor at Houston Flower School and vice president of Macy’s Parade Studio. The three judges will present 24 floating awards based on three categories: Flaat Design, Floral Presentation and Entertainment Value.

The Kishwawki Vegetable and Fruit Program offers a variety of specialized activities, including flower design, greenhouse, landscape design, nursery and cannabis and hemp breeding. To learn more about horticulture in Kish, visit

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