The Livania Library Community Garden is intended to inspire health experiences

Livinia: The Coronavirus Outbreak began last spring, when millions of Americans began growing their first indoor gardens.

In an effort to increase that interest in gardening, the Livania Public Library has recently partnered with local residents and businesses to create their own gardens.

At the Friends of Libania Public Library, the Smith Lumber Center and Hardware Center and Al Landscaping and Design, local Boy Scout Soldiers 4074 and 5074 recently built the first Libanian Public Library garden on the south side of the main road near the main road. .

Once the Scouts had completed the construction of approximately 10 feet by 4 feet, the people of Livania planted Cindy Cassasseli and Tracy Cope with a variety of vegetables and leaves, such as tomatoes, peppers, basil and parsley. Once the crops are ready to be harvested, they are donated to the community through local food warehouses.

According to Frank Six, director of the library, the garden is the final step in making the Livania Public Library a place where everyone can explore new interests or learn more about new topics.

“The library is a real community center that offers something for everyone,” Six said. “The community garden was built with this mindset and in conjunction with the library’s strategic plan,” he said, prioritizing healthy living topics and creating programs to connect with the community.

It is more effective to spread the message that “by engaging other community members in this effort, the library will create long-term relationships and healthy habits can easily be started with some garbage and a few seeds at home.” Our hope is to inspire others to build their own food gardens with the ultimate goal of developing new life-sustaining healthy eating habits.

Six said the village of Livania had cut down his garden bed, so weeding was not yet a problem. After the plants have been developed, librarians are watering the plants one by one with plans to help the library program participants.

If the garden is successful, the library could expand, says Six.

The garden was the next natural step in collaboration with the Livania Library Seed Library, which began in early March 2020. Seed Library offers a wide range of vegetable and flower seeds to library customers for free.


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