The local community offers fresh produce for the garden

TAMPA, Fla. – There are many food deserts here in the Tampa Bay area and people who live in them do not have easy access to fresh and healthy produce.

That is why a local community is trying to solve the problem by growing vegetables in the garden.

Many residents of the Tampa University area are being reunited with their diets.

“We are losing the skills we need to grow our own food and prepare fresh food,” said Alex Baron, CDC Community Safety Coordinator at the University Campus. Baron is one of the gardeners in the Harvest Hope community at Harvest Hope Park.

“We are here and we feel like we know where to get our food. We know what’s in it, ”said Micah, a resident of the campus.

Every Friday morning, between 9 and 11, people go to the Harvest Hope Community Garden to choose their own food and it is completely free.

They produce a wide variety of products, from strawberries and bananas to cabbage and cabbage. For Rosie Valerezo, going there is an escape for her and her son. “It’s my turn to relax. I am so happy to see so many green things, natural. Also, they let us take these things home and they are organic. ” Valerezo.

Residents also said that the garden is bringing the community closer together.

“Crime rates have dropped dramatically in recent years and are now declining. “Everyone is coming and it makes the community feel like a family,” said Shiila, a university resident.

Baron estimates that between 20 and 30 people see him every Friday.

“I saw people walking around in the park screaming and I know I was working on plants or something, and I saw them screaming and swaying, you know, like Don, don’t be afraid,” said Baron.

Click here for more information if you would like to volunteer or visit this community garden.


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