The local sensory garden will receive a national award

A special garden in Shukukil County is a treatment for all senses, especially for taste buds. The project has now won a national award.

Walborn Avenue Avenue is hidden in the northwestern corner of Orwigsburg. In the middle of all the jungle gyms there is a little known pearl.

“The playgrounds are wonderful places for people to gather, but they do gather around things like slides and monkey bars,” says Jane Cruz. But we want them to be interested in nature.

Cruz is one of the designers of the South Shulkil Garden Club. She helped plant this sensory garden in 2019, inviting children to smell flowers, see bees, and experience eternal Greece.

“We have plants with different scents in one corner, you can touch the lamb’s ears, you can eat strawberries – they love that, that’s one of their favorite things,” she said.

Stone Road rotates in a small garden, leads to new discoveries and attracts wildlife.

“We hope to draw bees, butterflies, and birds,” Cruz said. We don’t have sunflowers this year, but they were very popular.

This Sensitive Garden is now a community development award from the Pennsylvania Garden Club Association.

“I am just happy to be here,” Cruz said. It’s a little garden, we’re a little circle.

But the garden won a grand prize by winning the first place in the National Garden Club Community Development Competition.

Although she was proud and recognized for her accomplishments, Cruz was thrilled to see the garden winning with the children.

“For all those little animal characters, evictions are not a barrier,” Cruz said. It really means “Hey, something special here.”

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