The location of the leaf Your rotted myrtles look a little damaged, but they will be fine

CRAPE MYRTLE CARE: Creepy myrtle trees have recently shed a lot of leaves due to the rainy weather in the area of ​​the circusoscope. Vulnerable trees now look thinner and less attractive. But don’t worry – the trees will be fine. Also, if your mature underground trees are still relatively small and comfortable, cut green, round seeds at the tips of the branches. The weight of the palms can prevent the branches from falling too low, and the trees can bloom in late summer.

Fruit sticks This year’s fruit division is common in citrus. This happens when the trees move water quickly to the fruit and the skin breaks. You can’t do anything about it. Remove and discard cracked brakes.

A little support – Stand or support plants in flower beds or gardens that are tall and inclined or fall on nearby plants.

Outside: Many ornamental plants produce beautiful flowers or seeds this season. These really look great on home decorations alone or in combination with other dry materials. Spray the flower head with clear application or clear to prevent scattering during drying.

Reference: After strong growth outside the summer, some container plants may be frozen. If necessary, check into larger containers and repeat.

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