The Mango Festival received a good response from Balari

The vernacular’s exhibition and sale at the Balari Tahsildar’s office’s’s attraction has attracted thousands of mango lovers.

The event was jointly organized by the Horticulture and Horticultural Producers Cooperative Marketing and Processing Association as part of the Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsaw Festival.

This initiative has received a good response from mango producers and consumers. During the exhibition, farmers brought mangoes from Kolar, Darwad, Havary, Gangavati, Kopal, Sisi, Anantapur, Harapanahali and other places.

About 300 mangoes, including Benishang, Alfonso, Ratnagiri, Totaturi, Raspuri, Cindur, and Badam, were on display at the festival.

The fruit king visited the shops one by one, exploring, tasting and buying various varieties.

Nearly 100 tons of mango is expected to be sold at the first three-day festival at the mine.

“People in the region do not know about mango varieties. With the exception of those nearby species, the people here have not tasted most fruits. To provide consumers with a variety of mangoes and farmers to sell their crops, we have prepared a menu. The answer is very good. If people want, we can extend the mail for another day. Mango grows only on 300 hectares in the twin districts of Balari and Vijayanagara. The plant is expected to encourage more farmers to grow mangoes, said Sharanapa Bhogi, deputy director of fruits and vegetables.

Asked about the quality of mangoes sold in Mela, Mr. Bogi said that mangoes have been tested after quality research.

“Mangoes on the market are chemically sprayed. The use of such contaminated mangoes is dangerous to health. With this in mind, we can confirm that only natural mangoes are sold in Mela. Department officials inspected the mangoes before allowing them to be sold; “It simply came to our notice then.

The event was opened by the Minister of Transport and Head of Finance, BSriramulu Mapu Mela, who organized the event every year.

“The response to Mavu Mela for the first time is impressive. We must continue to organize it every year. I will talk to the relevant minister and officials,” he said, urging people to taste the mango.

Balari City MLA G. Somashekhar Reddy, Mayor Rajeshwari, Balari City Development Authority Chairman Palana, APMC President Umesh, Deputy Commissioner Pavan Kumer Malapati, Zilla Panchayat CEO G. Lingamerti and other senior officials were present.

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