The map shows the locations where the Japanese notebook was found in Jars

Hundreds of Japanese nouns have been registered in Hertford.

When railroad engineers thought that it would stabilize the railways, invasive plants were imported from Japan.

Unfortunately, the species now invades England to some extent, with more than 29,500 cases per year on fruits and vegetables.

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The plant often damages property foundations, flood defenses, fences and pedestrians – and can even throw houses.

It is very difficult to treat or eliminate.

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How many issues are there in Hertford?

According to the Fruit and Fruit Interactive Map, there are more than 140 cases in Hertford. Neighboring districts, such as Essex, have only a small minority in London and Herford.

The Garden City of St. Albans, Watford and Welwin have many issues in the county.

The red dots on the map show live issues, while the green dots indicate all the issues resolved.

Horticulture has created an interactive map showing where all the ‘live’ and ‘adjusted’ English issues are in the UK. Users can enter the postcode to see how many issues have been reported in their area.

The interactive map can be viewed online here.

What does a Japanese note look like?

Japanese Notes can greatly hurt the value of your home

According to RHSFallopia japonica) It is a fast-growing weed. It is extremely difficult to remove by hand or by chemicals.

During the winter, the plants return to ground level, but in early summer, bamboo-like stems emerge from the ground, blocking all other plant growth.

In the spring, reddish-purple shoots emerge from the ground, reddish-purple shoots. They grow fast, produce thick, long bamboo-like cane in the summer, and have purple flowers.

The leaves have a distinctive heart or “shovel-shaped” shape, and cream-white vases are produced in late summer and early autumn.

In Japan over the past 18 months, there has been a sharp drop in enrollment in the UK, possibly due to the effects of VV-19.

Records provide evidence-based decision-making on invasive plants and wildlife in the UK.

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