The Meryl community garden opens an outdoor classroom

BELOIT: The Meryl Community Sharing Garden has a new tool for educating young people by opening an outdoor classroom focusing on the sustainability and benefits of locally grown food.

From the SMS in Janiceville. Health St. Mary’s Hospital has an out-of-class classroom with benches and tables made by young people enrolled in a fundraising and Community Action Beloit fresh start program.

“The classroom is really nice because it’s a shared space,” said Caleb Lockranz, the garden’s manager. It was wonderful to have children here. We hope that we will be able to provide an extended program for all ages when the children do not use the space. ”

Staff from the Meryl Community Center, the Geneva-based Community Children’s Education Center, and the Stalinist Boys and Girls Club from Wisconsin Madison University Extension staff participated in the garden’s dining rooms.

“Classroom has become a focal point and another dimension has been added. Given that physical space, that garden can serve as an outdoor classroom. ”

The curriculum is a curriculum for healthy children who are growing from an extension to a healthy diet by exposing children to a variety of fruits and vegetables. In one class, the students received bags of stems, leaves, roots, flowers, seeds, and fruits.

“It’s great because we can go around and show them what we talked about in the session,” said Lorantz.

The Meryl Community Sharing Garden is the only alternative in the area for new products, and 1,000 food factories provide free access to healthy food for low-income residents.

“Marilyn’s neighborhood is a valuable community and it’s a forgotten neighborhood and we want to bring in people from abroad to show that there is value there,” Locranz said.


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