The Mexican market is opening its doors to import British pork

Mexican farmers and food producers are now ready to take advantage of a new market in Mexico to open its first pork market. British exporters can enter this new market, which relies heavily on high-quality pork.

A.D. By 2020, the UK’s pork exports would have cost more than 1 421 million to our economy, reaching 75 export markets worldwide. According to the Board of Agriculture and Fruit Development, access to the Mexican market alone is estimated at ሚሊዮን 50 million for UK pig producers in the first five years of business.

Another success for the UK is food and beverage exports: British beef to the US, British poultry, beef and lamb to Japan, and pork to Taiwan.

Defraud Foreign Minister George Eustis said.

It is good to see another market opening its doors to high quality, high security UK products.

The arrival of the Mexican market, which is in high demand for high quality pork, is a welcome development for our pig farmers and producers.

This is a significant development, which will strengthen our global reputation for quality food and drink.

As a world leader in animal welfare, British pork is internationally recognized for its creativity, quality and monitoring. In the campaign in Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the British government aims to increase the international profile of food and beverage from all over the UK and to attract more food and beverage companies.

Today’s development follows more than four years of negotiations and inspections. Mexico’s National Health, Safety and Agriculture and Food Quality (Seneca) Department in February 2020 visited several locations throughout the UK and decided to approve four processing facilities and four related refrigeration stores in the UK and Wales. .

Dr. Richard Irvin, Deputy Chief Veterinarian of the United Kingdom.

The UK is proud of our high food safety standards and the quality of the food we produce.

Having access to British pork exports to Mexico still represents another milestone for the British industry and will continue to enhance the well-being of our world.

These inspections are led by the Defra and the UK Export Certification Partnership (UKECP) and are supported by the UK’s National and Charitable Government Departments and Agencies, including Dit Mexico and the Board of Agriculture and Fruit Development (AHDB).

The United Kingdom and Mexico have pledged to launch a new and more ambitious free trade agreement that is far greater than this year’s agreement. These negotiations will provide us with access to the Comprehensive Trade and Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), a growing 11 dynamic economies from the Indo-Pacific region to the United States.

This is what Liz Truss, secretary of international trade, says.

This is a great victory for our farmers and food producers and I look forward to seeing you soon enjoy high quality British pork in Mexico.

British businesses can look forward to the benefits of a new and more ambitious trade deal with Mexico this year, and such victories are an important step towards entering the CPTPP as our global trade hits new heights.

Dr. Phil Hadley, Director of AHDB International Marketing Development:

Today’s announcement is a huge boost for the UK’s pork industry and will provide another export market for our red meat in a challenging year.

British pork is trusted and popular around the world for its unique quality, high safety and food safety standards. This new approval provides many opportunities for our exporters and is a testament to the hard work of industry and government to open up new markets in the future.

Pork joins the UK’s extensive animal breed that it has previously successfully exported to Mexico. Over the past five years, more than ,000 130,000 a year has been added to the market, which is expected to be achieved by 2020. As a result, our high-quality cattle breeding is helping to raise Mexican herds. In addition, we have a well-established Ovan Genetics Export Market in the United Kingdom, breeding Mexican-awarded rams and lambs.

Jonathan Nott, High Commissioner for Commerce of Latin America and the Caribbean

After four years of intense negotiations with the Mexican authorities, I am delighted that British pork has finally entered the Mexican market.

Once again, Mexican consumers can enjoy these quality British products – and British pork exporters can access this important and growing market. Another success in our campaign to reduce trade barriers between our countries.


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