The middle garden to the plague

A.D. Written August 10, 2021 by Lauren Lamb


The middle garden to the plague

William Elgar, who has led local Miami since February, finds the new company on the verge of breaking the annual attendance record of nearly 1 million visitors.

Born and raised in England, Mr. Elgar moved from Kingston University to Kingston Ton-Thames and Anglican Ruskin University in Coventry, where he spent six years as director of zoology at the Georgia Aquarium in Miami. .

“It was hard to go down here and see how I could support, help and guide a zoo with an amazing staff,” said Mr. Elgar.

Miami Zoo was closed due to the June-August 2020 epidemic but reopened in September following CDC guidelines. “We reduced our capacity and it was about 50%, but it didn’t slow us down. We cannot thank the local community enough to support us. We are close to 1 million visitors a year. ”

By the end of June, the Makami Garden had an estimated 800,000 visitors. The years are listed from October to October.

“We break records every month and I can’t say enough to thank the community and our guests. Not only is he present, but our message is reaching there. ”

Miami Zoo is one of 275 Miami-Dade County parks. For me, every challenge is an opportunity. This is the gem of 275 parks. Getting my hands and mind around is a big part of learning how to serve and move forward. ”

“My favorite part of working here – and it’s been five months now – is simply incredible,” Mr. Elgar said last week. “They are all very emotional. Be it veterinarians, veterinarians, entry teams or gardeners. The list goes on. ”

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