The Milford FF won the Delaware State Exhibition Awards

John Carney, while painting a picture of Tara Lang

Milford FFA Fair Participants will be at this year’s Delaware State Fair with Governor John Carney and Governor Bethany Hall.

More than 28 Milford FF members have worked, studied and practiced for the 2021 Delaware State Exhibition. Each year, fan members are allowed to compete as a team, as a team, or as an individual. Some races are behind the scenes, while others are on the ice rink.

Milford FDA Chapter wins outstanding Fifa Award in Fifa Chapter “This award is based on the amount of points earned in the chapter for exhibitions. Points are given to holders 1St Up to 6Th In one room. The Milford FFA Chapter hosted more than 100 exhibitions at the FFA building, ranging from vegetables, store projects, cereals, plants and flowers. The students worked tirelessly to win the award, which was presented by Governor John Carney at the fair.

Milford FF Chapter Vice President Ania Phillips has been awarded the William H. Abbott Senior Memorandum. This award goes to the student who receives the most points in the department based on the quality of their introductions. Anna earned a lot of points in the FFA building for her 1st-6th entry. Ania has been involved in various projects, such as flower arrangements, plants, vegetables, grains, and store projects. Ania spent countless hours preparing a fair presentation. At the ceremony, Ania received her award from Governor Carney.

The Milford FAA received the gold medal from the state of Delaware FA and was awarded a 3-star rating by the National FAAA just last week. This award recognizes that the Milford FAAA is actively implementing the organization’s mission and strategies. These chapters improve chapter work using the National Quality Standards (NQCS) and Activities Program (POA) that focus on developing leaders, communities, and agricultural development. Chapters are awarded for providing general membership education experiences.

As a chapter, Milford FFA members have built two chapter displays in the “Fair FFA Building-Educational Exhibition” in Delaware State. Presenting the Future ”, 4Th”Said Gerken. FFA members began working on these displays in late May and came to school in the summer to complete them and arrive on time for the show.

Members of the Milford FF represented the chapter in various professional development events. In preparation for these competitions, students spend time outside the classroom during the winter, studying a wide range of subjects during the summer, identifying traditional weeds, seeds, and plant diseases in local crops.

“Milford FF has ranked Group 1 in Food Science and TechnologySt In the region, ”Gerken explained. “The team members were Hannah Hai, Bu Davis, Veronica Moore and Colin O’Connor. In the Food Science category, students demonstrate their understanding of food product development, food delivery and food safety. Students use the senses to solve problems. We hope that these students will travel to the National FF Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana in October.

Milford FAA Dairy Cattle Evaluation Team ranked second in the state. Team members James Smith (3rd individually), Miranda Walker (4th individually), Ashley Welch (7)Th Separately) and Dorothy Bradley (8th separately). Cattle evaluation includes judging dairy cows or cattle units, providing verbal reasons, evaluating cows based on their linear assessment, and group activities.

“There were two individuals competing in the Milford FAAA dairy, Mason Foxwell (4th place alone) and Alexis Wright (6th place alone),” Gerken said. These students learn to work together with others in a collaborative, humble, and helpful way as they demonstrate effective milk management skills.

Milford FF placed Veterinary Science Group 3rd In his kingdom. Team members include George Willie (4th separately), Julia Bishop, Natalie Stevenson, and Alexis Wright. Students in this competition demonstrate their technical skills with small and large animals by completing written tests, critical thinking questions, labels, and hands-on exercises.

The Milford FFA Animal Showcase consisted of thirteen students. Natalie Armstrong, Dorothy Bradley, Hailey Cylinder, Beau Davis, Mason Foxwell, Hanna High, Sarah Hudson, Alan Jud, Colin O’Connor, Julia Bishop, Sarah Stevenson, Miranda Walker and Alexis Wright. From March to July, these individuals worked for hours in the school barn, training, walking, and training with their pigs, marketers, and dairy cattle to prepare for county shows and the Delaware State Fair.

“These animals really shed blood, sweat, and tears in preparation for the event,” says Gerken. Although many of these students have never worked with cattle in this capacity before, they are all emerging as better veterinarians, leaders, communicators, hard workers and advocates for the agricultural industry.

The Milford FF season is led by Kyle Walton, McKenzie Hardy and Josh Betard. All consultants are very proud of all our members and their place in the fair. The students represented their outstanding service and efforts during their many hours of work at the Milford FAN at the Delaware State Fair.

On behalf of the administration, Gerken said, “We would like to thank all the parents and supporters who helped make our summer / state equity program a success.”

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