The Minister will conduct a history of agricultural success


Nqobile Tshili, Chronicle Reporter
When he was appointed Minister, CD Richard Moyo was not on his knees.

When the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Northern Province of Matguelland visited Marsland Agriculture, he concluded that he wanted to not only drive the implementation of government programs in the region, but also be part of its success story.

Minister Moyo made a strategic decision to live on a farm in Umguza Woreda to drive the produce.

Every day, the truck leaves the farm in Bulawayo to supply produce.

The minister said he will plant wheat on 23 hectares of land and supply it to the Board of Trade.

He is in the process of collecting onions and 40,000 cabbage heads and planting 60,000 cabbage seedlings. Minister Moyo has started planting 30,000 tomatoes, corn, and pumpkin seeds and is preparing to plant potatoes. Citizens said that most of the fruit and vegetable crops were planted during the festival because of their fun activities.

The minister is also on an experimental agricultural fishing course and has set up a 16,000-finger fish tank that he expects to deliver yesterday.

He is involved in pig farming and is raising more than 200 pigs.

He spends most of his day working on government programs, but in his office he oversees projects in Bulawayo or North Mataleland, with his mind set on farming.

Yesterday, Chronicle visited Minister Moyo at his farm in Umguza, where he paid a courtesy call on news staff.

The minister, as well as the chairman of Zanu-PF district and a member of the Umguza parliament, said he would wake up at 5am to work on the farm before leaving for work in Bulawayo.

Minister Moyo believes that the country’s contribution to food security and imports is fulfilling the government’s goal.

Minister Moyo is well aware of the fact that if a person is fully committed to himself, he will pay dividends.

It takes most of its crops to markets in Bulawayo and sells its products in Victoria Allste and Hanoi.

According to Minister Moyo, the sale of wheat to the Sister Marketing Board (GMB) in December will raise millions of dollars.

Agriculture is very important to me and everything I have is the result of farming. I hire 50 employees to support their families. Before we even think about the business, we get most of our food on the farm. They buy very little, especially when they are productive on a farm. We will soon supply 80 tons of maize to GMB and we will arrive by December when the wheat is ripe, I expect to earn millions of dollars, ”he said.

It is part of the government’s efforts to reduce the importation of grain, which the country sees as losing a lot of foreign exchange.

Minister Moyo lauded President Manangagwa’s order of farming program and said that it is also helping farmers to take full advantage of their land resources.

He said the government would support farmers by providing agricultural inputs, adding that it was important for farmers to repay their loans.

“We would like to thank him for introducing us to the President’s Order of Agriculture program. Therefore, when we deliver our produce to GMB, it reduces the question of how the government will meet the farmers. It is a credit institution. It is unfortunate that some farmers, after receiving inputs from the government, want to engage in side-by-side marketing in their harvest work, rather than supplying it to GMB. ”

I would like to encourage farmers to repay their loans so that the project can continue on its own after benefiting from the Command Farm program.

According to Minister Moyo, the horticultural product will be sold in Bulawayo, Juan and Victoria [email protected]

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