The most luxurious spa is in your garden

Does this Friday afternoon seem normal? In the long weeks, it’s been a long week (two years?). You are a little sick, you have a little headache and there are no big plans for the weekend, because you know it.

We were all there. But why not take some time to relax completely, instead of occasionally breaking down homework and drowning in Netflix? With a little planning, in your backyard garden, everything you need for a little spa day, Christmas music is not included.

Prepare the show

First, you need to get into the full state of the spa. This is not a place for cell phones or emails or laundry. You go to a quiet, growing mood. So, turn off the lights, turn off your electronics and go to your garden. Use a few small leaves to make a hot tea pot. For calming and aromatherapy, you can also take lavender leaves from the forest. Sprinkle the lavender with flour, and wash off the sweet aroma. See that. You already feel calm.

It is also important to stay in the water. Spa treatments are tedious, and can consume your energy. Make sure you drink plenty of water for your favorite fruit flavor. Blackberries and strawberries are great if you want to stay calm, lemon, orange and lemon can be powerful at the end of your treatment. For an ancient spa drink, cut a few pumpkins to add to your water for a definite break. Be sure to save a few pieces for your eye mask later!

To Nati Gritty

For some light removal time. Remember, this is relaxing, so don’t worry about your feet or elbows. Your skin sometimes needs a little help to feel better, so it is less prone to any kind of itching or itching.

For good taste, put half an apple in a blender or food processor and mix with coffee sugar. If you want to embrace the fall vibration and feel more warm and comfortable, you can also drop a little cinnamon. Use this cleanser wherever your knees, legs, elbows and even your lips feel a little rough. Rinse gently with warm water and a cloth and rinse with moisturizing lip balm.

Stay for a while

Now comes a really relaxing bit – masks. Wearing a hair or face mask means that you have to stay dry. You have no choice but to rest. what’s that? Does someone want to make the dishes or walk the dog? Sorry, you have to wait for the mask to finish. (Repeat as needed.)

There are many different combinations of masks, but the key component is moisture. You need nutrients that nourish your skin so that it does not go too far. Fruits such as aloe vera and avocado are perfect for the job. For special bonus points, if you have a garden apiary, fresh honey is wonderful on the skin. It is moist, which means it retains moisture. Try mixing honey and avocado with a face mask or honey and fresh yogurt for a luxurious hair mask. If you have oatmeal, you can mix it with yogurt to soothe red or burnt skin.

Of course, one of the best ingredients for your hair is in your chicken coop. To help dry hair, you can mix it with egg yolks or vocado, aloe vera or a little lemon juice.

Spread on your choice masks, grab these pieces of cake for your eyes and relax. For the next 30 minutes, your only job is to make a living. When done, wash with a little warm water, then use a lotion such as jojoba oil to lock in all the goodness.

Then, when you feel the next stress and want a good escape, you know what to do. # Go to the last of the garden for self-care.

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